Bob here; nice to meet you. I have worked in the auto industry for many years in a variety of roles at several New Car Dealerships, including Top Car Salesman. I created this website and blog to share with you, the buyer and owner of new and used cars, the insider car sales secrets, car dealership financing frauds, gimmicks, and methods I utilized to lighten your pocketbook.

With this knowledge, the informed car buyer can actually save thousands of dollars. We will divulge to you all of the trade secrets we have gleaned over the years in the auto industry. After that, you can confidently purchase a new or used automobile or truck knowing that you got a good deal.

We all work too hard to earn our money to spend it on a car. You DESERVE to obtain a decent bargain, regardless of whether you finance or pay cash for your car. Insurance, additional warranties, service agreements, tire warranties, payment protection schemes, fixes, extras, and more will also be covered.

You’ll receive a terrific deal if you follow the advice given here!

P.S. Since I am still in the auto industry, I will be able to keep up with all the most recent insider information, tips, and dealer scams.

As soon as new data becomes available, I will update this page. Any and all inquiries, reviews, complaints, rants, raves, or experiences—positive or negative—with buying a car are welcome.

Please let us know if there are any sections, pictures, or other content you would want to see here.

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