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Advice, tips, and car dealer scams on more than 100 pages. Keep in mind that, if you know how, you have power over how you spend your money because it is yours. There is no doubt that the auto dealers and sales representatives also need to support their families. A reasonable profit is one thing, but some people pay new and used automobile profits that would leave you dizzy. I am sharing with you all the scams, tactics, and techniques that are employed because I have seen it, done it, and observed it myself.

This page’s content is based on research and first-hand accounts from auto salespeople, sales managers, internet sales managers, and finance managers. This material was obtained directly from the car lot and from those who have witnessed, heard about, or employed these automobile sales tactics to line their pockets. You run the risk of spending thousands of dollars if you purchase a car from a car dealer without being aware of the numerous ways they can convince you to overpay.

A Few Money-Saving Tips for Buying a Car

The majority of people believe that obtaining the best deal on a new or used car is the most crucial step in the car-buying process.

But the majority of consumers are unaware that the car dealer may profit significantly more from your financing, warranties, service plans, dealer fees, and accessories, and frequently does.

While the price of the car you are purchasing is crucial, keep in mind that car dealers frequently offer brand-new vehicles and don’t make much money on the vehicles itself compared to the other fees they charge you.

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