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Hello, my name is Jim Klark. I have been in the car business for many years and continue to work in the car business. I have enjoyed working in the auto industry and I haven’t even considered switching to a different occupation because the money to be made in the car business is too good to give up. I would have never considered spilling the beans on the car business and an occupation that has been so good to me financially, but then I experienced a change in my life that made me think very hard about the car industry and what I do for a living.

Jim Klark

Why a Car Buying Guide and Website

One of my daughters got married and moved several states away. Several months after she moved she called me and said that she wanted to get a new car. Until now I have always got her cars or at least set everything up for her, but now she was several states away and she wanted a make of car that I did not sell nor did I have any personal contacts in her area. I was panic-stricken, I knew I had to give her a crash course in car buying or she would get taken to the cleaners. I armed her with as much car buying information as I could over the phone, but I was still worried that she would pay too much for her new car. As it turned out she got her new car and did pretty good. If we had more time I could of helped me save some more money, but she did all right. Maybe it was all those years on living in the same house with her old man that worked in the car business.

Maybe I am getting old and soft, but I started thinking about all the other people that go to the automobile dealerships and buy cars without knowing a thing about the car business. I decided that it was only fair to give people a chance as long as they were willing to take the time to research and read the information I have acquired over the years. Now it’s up to them whether they want to use this information to save a bundle on buying, selling owning cars.

My Background:

I started working at a new car dealership in my early twenties and I have had practically every position that you can imagine in the car business. My favorite areas were the various car sales and management positions, which by the way were also the most profitable. I have since worked for several dealerships and auto groups. I have sold new domestic and foreign cars and practically every used car ever made. I don’t mind telling you that I am good and I have made a small fortune in the car business all by getting car buyers to pay more than they need to pay for a car and services. From my picture you can see I am not a young man anymore, but I am too young to retire so I will continue to work in the auto industry for several more years. However I will be sharing my knowledge, experience and connections to bring you information on buying, selling and owning cars.

I have trained, mentored, educated and coached many people over the years. I have trained car salespeople, Internet salespeople and sales managers over the years. In addition to selling more cars than I can count I have worked on automobile advertising to drive more customers to the dealership and I have written scripts designed to make more car sales. I have designed training programs; written sales manuals, taught people how to answer the phone, set appointments, sell cars, and how to get car buyers to pay dealers more profit.

The Good News

Now for the good news; I am sharing with you the years of knowledge I have gained to help you keep from spending much more money that you need to spend the next time you new to buy, sell or repair your vehicle. I have also recruited some experts to cover some of the related areas including extended warranties, accessories, auto financing, insurance and all the other things that go along with buying and owning automobiles. The car buyer armed with this information can actually save thousands of dollars. We all work too hard for our money to throw it away when we buy a vehicle. Regardless of how you pay for your vehicle whether it is cash or financing you deserve to get a good deal. Follow the information contained in this car-buying guide and you will save money and get a good deal.

I am open to all suggestions, reviews, rants, raves, and car buying questions, ideas and experiences be it good, bad or ugly. If you have submissions, photos or anything you would like to see here, let me know through out contact form below.

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