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Car Buying How To – Buying, Selling and Owning Cars

Over one hundred pages of Car Buying Advice, Tips and Car Dealer Scams. Remember, it’s your money and you are in control of how you spend it if you know how. There is no question that the car dealers and the sales people need to make a living too. A fair profit is one thing, but some people pay profits on new and used cars that would make your head spin. I have seen it, I have done it and I am sharing with you all the scams, tricks and techniques that are used.

The information found here is gathered and based on first hand experiences of Car Sales People, Sales Managers, Internet Sales Managers and Finance Managers. This information is right from the car lot and from the individuals that have seen, heard or used these car sales techniques to fill their wallets. If you are buying a car from the car dealer and you are not aware of the many ways that they get you to overpay for your vehicle, you could be making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars.

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Fees and Hidden Costs
The Dealer Prep Fee Scam
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10 Dirty Car Dealer Tricks
Discount Car Buying Programs and Warehouse Clubs
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