Why the Car Salesman Screws You

The Car Salesman has a reputation of being a shyster, crook, low life, liar and a whole list of undesirable names. I am not asking you to feel sorry for the auto salesman, but rather to tell you why the car salesman is known for screwing their customers, ripping off car buyers and taking advantage of you when you are buying new cars and used cars. Don’t forget about the used car checklist if you are buying a used car.

The Car Salesman Can Screw You

The real reason why the car salesman screws you is because you let them. The car buyer lets the car salesman screw them because they buy a new car blindly. Buying a car is a major purchase and one that should not be taken lightly. When you go into the car dealer’s showroom unprepared you are asking to be taken to the cleaners. The car salesman is paid on commission so they are trained and focused to sell you a car for as much profit as possible. They are paid a percentage of the profit on your car purchase. So what would you do if you were a car salesman?

I am not defending the car salesman, I am trying to make a point. My point is that you are spending your money to buy a car and it is up to you to spend it wisely. This blog contains the information that will guide the average car buyer through the car buying steps and process plus the research and homework that you need to buy a car without becoming the victim of car dealer scams.

Pricing and the Car Salesman

The car salesman has a saying that “Sticker is Quicker” which means you will pay full price just like you do at most other retail establishments, but who wants to pay sticker. You can buy a car for the sticker price, but it does not stop there. You are also need to make decisions about car dealer financing, car window etching, car dealer fees and the list goes on with more ways to get your money. The price of the car you buy is only one aspect of buying a car. Just like most businesses today the car dealer has found ways to squeeze every penny out of every transaction.

After the Car Salesman

When you are at the car dealership you have completed negotiations with the car salesman your next step is to see the Finance Manager to complete your paperwork. The first thing the Finance Manager tells you is that you can relax now because the negotiations are over and rest is easy. Guess what, the Finance Manager is really a car salesman that is very good at what they do, but they aren’t selling you a car. They are selling you a whole menu of options, services and extras, the items I mentioned earlier that are designed to squeeze every penny out of every car sold by the car dealership. I have seen car buyers that have paid much more profit to the Finance Manager than the car salesman because they though the most important part of buying a car was the price of the car.

Protecting Yourself From the Car Salesman is Only the Beginning

Buying a car without being screwed is up to you, get to know know all of the car dealer tricks and car scams. Follow the steps to buying a car and get the answers to all your car buying questions before you make a trip to your local car dealer. The car salesman and the rest of the staff is waiting for the car buyer that is not prepared. Buying a car is a major purchase that allows you to decide how much you are willing to pay. If you are thinking of the “One Price Car Dealer” think again because the price of the car is only one area where you can be screwed when buying a car.

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