Why Do I Have to Pay Dealer Advertising Fees?

If you get a chance to see an authentic car dealer invoice you will notice a charge assessed against the vehicle called the dealer advertising fee. This is charge that is added to every single vehicle that a dealer receives. As a consumer the first thought that comes to mind is why do I have to pay dealer advertising fees. Well like it or not this is a fixed cost that is a part of every vehicle.

The automakers spend a huge amount of money on advertising through every possible marketing channel and this is simply a cost of doing business that needs to be covered. Rather than including the dealer advertising fees in the price of the vehicle the automakers choose to break this charge out on a line for all to see. I am not quite sure they do this, but I am sure they have a reason. Maybe they just want to make sure that the dealer is aware of the amount of money that they spend on advertising to help the dealer sell cars.

When it comes to buying a car you can look at it any way you want, but you have to pay dealer advertising fees one way or another. It’s part of the cost of the vehicle and there is no way around that fact. Whether the manufacturer buries the number in the cost or breaks it out separately, it’s just a cost that someone has to pay and if you are buying a new car you will be that someone. You can try to negotiate that number, but you wont get anywhere, so forget about and move on. You can negotiate the overall price of the car, but advertising fees are non-negotiable.

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