Who Needs Car Buying Help

Not everyone needs or wants car buying help, but it can make sense to take a few minutes to learn some of the often used car dealer tricks designed to get your money. After all car dealers and car salesmen exist for only one reason and that is to make money. Most car salesmen are paid entirely on commission and in order to make more money they need to sell more cars or make more profit on each car they sell. Over the years the car dealers and salesmen have created, improved and refined their car selling tactics and techniques so they can sell more cars and make more money. For just that reason even the most seasoned car buyer and the first time car buyer could use some help when buying new cars or used cars.

Car Buying Help to Save a Bundle

When it comes to the car buying process and getting some car buying help everyone can pick up some tips and advice that can save them anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars by going over the following information and links. Simply reading and comprehending the information contained on this website can save you money  even if you don’t follow the car buying steps, step by step.

I have been in the car business for years and I often get asked by friends and relatives for car buying help and advice. The first thing I recommend is that they do so homework on the particular car they are interested in buying. They should to the car makers websites and determine the car they want and also make sure that the car they choose fits into their desire price range. Once they determine which make and model of car I suggest they go to Yahoo! Autos and request FREE quotes. You can do this for Free and get 4 competing price quotes from 4 different car dealers. These dealers know that they are competing with 3 other dealers so their prices are VERY competitive, plus they email you a price in writing right to your email. It’s crazy not to take advantage of this free pricing service. Click Here..NOW! and get 4 quotes for FREE on a car you are considering. This can be a huge help for car buyers. Not only do you get 4 competing quotes, but you don’t have to visit or talk to a single car dealer or salesman and it’s a written quote. Follow the steps to buying a car and get the step by step car buying help you want.

Car Financing and Car Buying Help

Getting the best price on a car is important, but a little known car dealer secret is that the dealership can make as much or more money by providing dealership financing and selling extras. When you make a deal with car salesman at a great price the next step is to go into the “Business Office” to do your paperwork. The person doing your paperwork is going to tell you that you can relax now and that the hard part is over, but that is where you really need to be ready for their car dealer tricks and tactics. The Business Office of the car dealer is where most people need car buying help. Even the person that has bought a dozen cars in the past can be subjected to car dealer scams. Knowing the tactics they use when you finance your car with dealership financing and how the interest rate plays a huge part is a big help for buying a car.

Often Overlooked Car Buying Help

The two main areas for profit and potential car dealer scams are pricing and financing, but many people fail to consider the car buying fees that car dealers charge and that is where car buying help comes into play. Most people will tell you that they are normal and everyone pays those charges. However the hidden costs of buying a car can potentially add hundreds to the price of your new car. Some of these hidden costs and $2 are not even legitimate charges and yet another way for the car dealer to get in your pocket.

I hope you can see that even the seasoned car buyer can use some car buying help at times. Laws, taxes and fees are changing all the time, so by doing your homework and going over the information and links above you can get some car buying help that will save you some of your hard earned money.

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