What Is The Best Time for Buying a New Car

Many car buyers want to know the best time for buying a new car, but when you are prepared you can get a great deal at almost anytime of the week, month or year. If you are unprepared or a shy person there are times that are better than others. My goal with this car buying website is to provide you with all the skills and information you need to be able to make almost anytime the best time to buy a new car. When you need to get a new car you need it or want it now and not a month or months from now. However I will cover and explain some times of the month and year that are better than others for buying cars.

Obviously everyone wants a great deal when he or she goes to purchase a new vehicle, but it’s not as simple as walking into a dealership on specific time of the day, moth or year. Car salesman will do their best to keep from offering additional discounts and incentives to you if you don’t know about them already. When a car salesman can keep you in the dark about additional discounts and rebates they can use those incentives to create more profit for the dealership and larger car salesman commissions for themselves. So when comes right down to the best time to buy a new car its about more than timing.

Traditionally the Best Times to Buy a New Car and Why

Slowest Day at the Dealership: Car dealers track their daily sales closely and use these numbers to predict their month sales and profits. Therefore it’s important to sell cars every single day and the more the better. If you visit the dealership on the slowest day of the week you may find that the car salespeople and sales managers are hungry for a deal and it could a great time to buy a car. However, if they had a good day it won’t help much. Typically the slowest days at most dealerships are Thursdays and sometimes Wednesdays.

Last Day of the Month: Car dealerships operate on a monthly basis and their car salesmen and sales managers may receive monthly volume bonuses depending upon their performance. When it comes to the end of the month there are always salespeople that need and extra sold cars to earn extra bonuses. Therefore they are very motivated to make a sale or two on the last day of the month. The desire of the sales staff to earn extra sales income can often make the end of the month the best time to buy a car.

Last Day of the Year: Good dealerships track their sales statistics very closely and know how many cars they need to sell daily weekly and monthly, but the big payoff can come at the end of the year. Not only do the sales people and sales managers earn bonuses for sales and volume, but also the dealerships General Manager and Owner can profit personally by reaching and exceeding the annual sales volume goals. Money motivates sales people and managers and at end of they year every single sold car can make a difference regardless of the amount of profit on your deal. Volume can be more profitable than the profit per car if a dealer can exceed their sales goals. That single factor can make this the best time for buying a new car.

When Model Years Change: Every year the automakers roll out new models and everyone will tell you this is the best time to buy a new car (at least last years model), but that is not always the case. It all goes back to the basic rules of supply and demand when it comes to the auto industry. When the auto manufacturer has large supply of inventory at their distribution centers and dealerships they will offer discounts, rebates and incentives to move those vehicles. The automakers want to move as many of last years model before they roll out the new models they will offer financial incentives to get them sold. However if their inventory levels are low or where they want them to be they won’t offer these incentives. So waiting until the end of the year to buy a specific model car going either way. You might get a great deal or you could be waiting to buy the car of your dreams for the same price that you would have paid months earlier.

Once you learn the skills and acquire the knowledge that can be found on this website you will realize that the best time for buying a new car or even a used car is when you have prepared and did your research. Knowledge is power in business and buying cars. The prepared and educated car buyer can almost always get a good deal on a new car.

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