What is The Automobile Monroney Sticker

In the United States New Cars are the only item purchased by consumers that are required by law to have a  manufacturer suggested retail price window sticker. Some people call it the window sticker, but the proper and legal name for this is a Monroney Sticker or label. Every new vehicle that is for sale to the consumer is required to have the Monroney Sticker attached to a window of the vehicle.

The Purpose of The Monroney Sticker or Window Sticker

The Monroney Sticker shows the base price of the vehicle  model, all standard equipment, any manufacturer options and their retail prices. The sticker or label also displays the  transportation or freight charges (sometimes called destination or delivery charges), and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (M.S.R.P.). There will also be information on the fuel economy for the vehicle, because this is required on all new cars and light trucks. This information is included on the Monroney Sticker or label, but some years back that information would be displayed on a separate sticker, also known as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Fuel Economy Label. A new car that has the window sticker or Monroney Label missing is a tip-off of a possible car dealer scam.

Who Makes the Monroney Sticker

What many car and truck buyers don’t know is that the Monroney Sticker or Label is printed by the manufacturer, the new car dealer has nothing to say about what price or charges are included on the sticker. When the new car dealer installs any options or accessories they are required to put a car window sticker right next to the Monroney Sticker form the manufacturer. Just as the factory car window sticker, the car dealers supplemental sticker must also list and price these options or accessories. The Monroney Sticker or Car Window Sticker label is not be removed by anyone other than the purchaser, and provided to the new car or truck buyer if they have the dealer remove it for them. The new owner is to receive the car window sticker.

History of The Monroney Sticker or Car Window Sticker

The Monroney Sticker came from the federal legislation that required the sticker and is known as the Monroney Law. The law and the sticker after its sponsor in Congress. It was Almer Stillwell “Mike” Monroney (1902-1980). He was born in Oklahoma and was a member of the  U.S. House of Representatives 1939-1051 from Oklahoma also a U.S. Senator from Oklahoma from 1951-1969.

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