Wait Don’t Inhale the New Car Smell

Don’t you just love the new car smell? You may be surprised to find out that the car salesman probably loves that smell more than their customers because of the intoxicating power it contains. The sense of smell is very powerful when it comes to influencing the new car buyer. So unless you are made of stone and don’t have any emotions don’t inhale the new car smell.

Selling cars for a living takes more than a silver tongue and fast talking. The car salesman has developed and fine tuned dozens of car dealer tricks and one of those tricks is to make use of the new car smell to help them make a deal. In fact there are some people that can’t help themselves after they inhale the new car smell. Even though it is a very small percentage of the people that buy cars it demonstrates the amazing power of the sense of smell when it comes to selling cars.

Obviously the scent of a brand new automobile interior is rarely enough motivation to get the car buyer to sign on the dotted line, but it can help. You would be surprised how many customers walk on to the car lot with the intention of looking and visiting more than one dealership and then they find themselves leaving with a new car. It happens all the time at car dealers all over the county. When I say don’t inhale the new car smell it’s for your own good.

There is more to being a car salesman than negotiating a car purchase and trying to get someone to do something they don’t want to do. The successful car salesman uses all the tools at his disposal when you come into his dealership. The new car smell is only one of those tools, but when it is coupled with the “Feel of the Wheel” to seal the deal and other psychological car dealer tricks there is a good chance you will be driving home in a shiny new and great smelling automobile.

Why Not Inhale the New Car Smell

The car buying process is designed by the auto industry to use everything you can think of and many of those things that you would never think of to sell a car. Every auto buyer is different and making the best use of all the motivating factors of buyers improves the odds of making a deal. The car salesman knows that the car buyer tries to use logic to buy a car, but emotions and smells also have a big impact on the decision to buy or not buy.  Take a deep breath; remember that your sense of smell can influence your thinking, but don’t inhale the new car smell.

In most of the posts and car buying articles on this website I have written about how important it is to use your logic to buy a car because when you use your emotions you will always spend more than you need to spend. Car salesmen do this every day and through training and experience they know what buttons to push to help them sell a car even if it is as simple as a whiff of the car’s interior. That is why you shouldn’t inhale the new car smell.

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