Used Car Buying Scams – Secrets Car Dealers Use

Unless you have been living deep in the jungle or on the North Pole, Used Car Buying Scams are commonplace. Everyone has heard stories about a slick used car salesman taking somebody to the cleaners. Sometimes you wonder if these stories are urban myths, but you will pay much more for a used car than you need to if you are not on your toes.

Car salesmen and women are professionals, they earn they living by selling cars. However they are paid on a commission basis, so the more they can get you to pay for a used car, the money they make. Buying a car without doing some research can the easy way to become the victim of a car buying scam. Plus you will put a big smile on your salesman’s face.

Take Note of The Common Car Dealer Scams Car Buying Scams…..The Short List

Creating Urgency

You can hear him now, “This car won’t last long, you better hurry”. Making the car buyer think that several people are looking at the car you are looking at is a common practice used by salesmen to get you to buy the car now. This car buying scam of creating urgency in your mind is often used to rush you into a car buying decision. If you have done your homework and are not quite sure, leave and come back tomorrow. Do not make a major purchase without being sure. I am sure they salesman will sell you the car when you come back.

Add-Ons for Dealer Profit

When you make a decision to purchase your car you may think that you can relax now, but the fact is Car Dealers can make as much or more money on your from the extras and add-ons that they make sound so good. A car buying scam that can take extra money out of your pocket is selling accessories, warranties and insurance. Many people are willing to buy these extras because the person doing the paperwork is trained to sell these extras and the priced is included in the payment. The car buyer often says OK because they only raise their payment a few dollars a month. Don’t buy the extras or warranties without making sure that you are paying a reasonable price for them, those extras can be negotiated just like the car you are buying.

Bring in the Manager

When the your salesman does not make a deal with you in a reasonable amount of time they may send in a manager or a second salesman posing as a manager. The car buying scam is made to make you think that they desperately want your business and they are willing to do anything within reason to sell you a car. Most people buy when the manager comes to work with them because they think they are getting the best deal possible. Make sure are comfortable with the purchase, if they start pressuring you to buy, you can always get up and leave. Remember, you are the customer, you can leave at any time if you are not comfortable.

Protect yourself and avoid any car buying scams by doing your homework and remember that you are the customer. It is your decision to buy or not buy. Car dealers and salesman earn a living selling cars, they have been trained and have considerable experience getting you to buy a car.

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