Tight Budget Choices for Leasing a New Car in March

So your budget is tight and you need a reliable source of transportation. Have you considered leasing a new car for a tight budget? These 11 cars are great choices this March that will not only make your budget happy, but you will still be able to arrive in style. Many people look for a used car when money is tight, but here are lease alternatives that will do the job and make good economic sense.

Take a look at these 11 cars that make sense when it comes to new car leasing this March. Through the month of March 2014 you should take a closer look at the great car lease deals for a tight budget that will not only satisfy your budget, but your desire for driving a nice ride. You wont have to worry about trying to find a good used car not to mention the chance of having to pay for any repairs that may arise.

March 2014 Tight Budget Car Leases

This chart will show you the make and model of car, the monthly lease payment and cash down requirement. However you should remember that you don’t necessarily have to have all the cash in hand to put down on your new car lease, but the monthly payment will be higher. The higher lease residual value on these models will keep the payment low because of their strong resale value plus the MPGs are exceptional.

You can sort this budget new car lease chart by make, payment, down payment or mileage to help you determine the vehicle for your tight car budget. My favorite choice for leasing a new car on a tight budget seems to be the 2014 Toyota Corolla. The newly designed Corolla for 2014 looks great, handles like a sports car and I like the low monthly lease payment. The reputation of the Toyota Corolla stands on its own, plus it comes with 2 years or 25,000 miles of maintenance included. So not only do I have an affordable payment, but also I wont have to spend any money on maintenance for two years.

Chart of Budget New Car Lease Options

Year, Make and ModelMo. PaymentDown Pay# MonthsMiles Per YearOver Mile Cost
2014 Honda Civic15919993612,000$0.15
2014 Toyota Corolla15914993612,000$0.15
2014 Nissan Altima18925103612,000$0.15
2014 Chevrolet Cruze15923793612,000$0.25
2014 Honda Accord19924993612,000$0.15
2014 $2 Rio16919993612,000$0.20

Of course the figures on the chart of new car leasing for a tight budget do not include tax, title and license, which will add to your monthly outlay. Some offers may be different in different parts of the country so be sure to double check for offers in your local area or get car dealer quotes.

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