The Vehicle History Report – Your Friend

A Vehicle History Report can be a very valuable tool in your used car buying arsenal. You can see the history of the vehicle, if it was a rental, how many owners it had, if it was a leased car, if it was in a flood, open manufacturers recalls, a major accident and many others facts that will help you avoid car dealer scams. Those are the kinds of thing you want to know when buying a used car, they are included in a vehicle history report.

Protect Yourself with a Vehicle History Report

Over the past few years there have been many major floods throughout the country. There were many cars involved in those floods. Many were cleaned up and resold or others were totaled by insurance companies and then unscrupulous dealers bought these cars for scrap and turned around and sold them to unsuspecting customers. Hurricane Katrina is a major one that most people remember. Some of those vehicles were scrapped, but some have been repaired and have shown up in different parts of the country. A vehicle history report is like an insurance policy.

The Vehicle History Report Can Save Money and Headaches

Even though these vehicles have been repaired they will continue to have premature electrical problems, besides the smell you will have after you have had the car for a while. Water and electronics do not mix. All vehicles 1996 and newer have computers on board that are very expensive to replace and critical to their operation. Even a vehicle that has been cleaned, dried out and repaired will end up with electrical problems later. The car history report is your best defense when buying a used car.

A vehicle that has been in a flood and there was an insurance claim for that damage it will show up on a vehicle history report.

Many car dealers today will provide you with a vehicle history report free of charge. The car dealers have been trying to upgrade their image and reputations. They have been going all out to try and lose the bad image. Providing a Vehicle History Report to a potential customer is a big step in the right direction to spotting car dealer scams.

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