The Payment Car Buyer Scam

Car dealers and salesmen both love the Payment Car Buyer. The car buyer that comes into the car dealership and buys a car based only on the payment. Most people would call this the Payment Car Buyer Scam, but not the dealer or the salesman. They consider this a transaction where the car buyer is more concerned with the payment than the price of the car or the interest rate they are paying. The job of your car salesman is to get you to focus on the payment. Many payment car buyers that have not done their homework when buying a car will do just that. They will get stuck by the car dealer scams and car salesman tricks.

For an example we will select a $20,000.00 car. To purchase and finance this car with good credit, no money down and taxes included would be about $430.00 a month. Your salesman will tell you that the payment will be about $490.00 a month. The Payment Car Buyers reaction will be “No, that payment is too much. There car salesman will ask what did you expect to be paying? The answer might be $420.00 a month is all I can afford. The salesman and the Payment Car Buyer will go back and forth until they reach a number that they can both agree on and then the car salesman will say “I will be right back, I will see if we can do this number for you”.


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The salesman may go back and forth to the office a couple times and then you both agree on $ 450.00 a month. You may even talk to a car sales manager or another sales person until they do not feel they can get anymore money out of the Payment Buyer. They will tell you that you got a good deal and shake your hand now that you have agreed to $ 450.00 a month.

Now do the math, you made a deal to buy a car for $450.00 a month that should have been $430.00 a month. The difference is $20.00 a month over 60 months. That is $1,200.00, that is a lot of money that you should be keeping if you are not a payment car buyer. In most cases the buyer is happy because they feel that they worked the car dealer down $40.00 a month, the salesman is happy because he made more commission and the dealer is happy with the increased profit, all for some good acting and an uninformed payment car buyer, what a car scam.

Items Needed For The Payment Car Buyer Scam

A. The Payment Car Buyer needs to be excited about the new car and love it.
B. The Payment Car Buyer has not done any or very little homework on their intended purchase.
C. The car salesman is a good actor, or at least a fair actor in this car scam.
D. The Buyer needs to take delivery of the new car immediately so there is no time to go home. think and do some math.
E. The Payment buyer needs to have acceptable credit scores.
F. The car salesman succeeds in keeping the Payment Car Buyer focused on payment.

Protect Yourself From The Payment Car Buyer Scam

1. Do your homework and do the math. Know what kind of payment you will be getting for the car of your choice.
2. Calm down, think logically and look at all the numbers. Price, Interest Rate, Taxes and Payment.
3. If you are not comfortable with everything, do not buy the car. You can go home and do some math before you decide. You are in control, you are the customer, don’t get stuck by the car dealer scams.

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