The Future of Car Buying

The business of selling automobiles has changed considerably since it began and there is no doubt that it will continue to change. When we talk about the future of car buying it’s hard say what’s in store. The Internet has been the most recent major change and it allowed car buyers that are willing to take a little time and do some homework to save more on their car purchase than they ever have in the past, but the industry and the car dealers have also changed.

There are car dealers selling new and used cars every single day than make several thousands of dollars of profits on individual sales despite the Internet and the resources available to the average auto consumer. Sure some people like yourself that are willing to put in the extra effort can in some cases buy a new vehicle where dealer nets a true profit of 0 (zero) of even a loss on the dealers part is possible. That’s right no profit whatsoever, but that is not commonplace, in fact is much less than 10% of the sales on average. The future of car buying is focused on the numbers and if they have to sell a few losers to get the winners it’s acceptable.

Car Buying in the Future

Some people think that the future of car buying could include buying the vehicle direct from the manufacturer without having to negotiate, but these people have not really though this out. The world is driven by profits and if you thank that the automakers are about to sell vehicles directly to the consumer at a price anywhere near to what the dealer pays or even close to dealer invoice price they aren’t thinking. They would be selling for M.S.R.P. and keeping the profits for themselves.

This is probably the best time in history and the foreseeable future for buying a car for the automobile consumer. With the Internet and people like myself that are sharing their experience and knowledge about buying a car you save an absolute fortune and you will understand why in the following sections. Not to mention the fact that the car dealers profits are not always generated from the price of the car, but all the other things that are part of purchasing an automobile. The price of the car you are going to buy is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to saving money on your purchase. The information you will learn in this $2 will help you come out a winner every time when you buy a new or used car. The consumer is in the drivers seat right now, but nobody can be see what may be coming for the future of car buying.

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