The Car Dealer Experience

The car dealer experience that you have can depend on may factors. First off your experience has a lot to do with the owner and general manger of the new car dealership. Like any business the policies and procedures that are adopted and enforced by the top level of management set the tone and filter down to the entire staff.

They Want You to Have Good Car Dealer Experience

Most new car dealer owners and general managers want you to have a good car dealer experience. Obviously they want to sell cars and make some money, but the new car manufacturers have been keeping their ears to the ground when it comes to the car dealer experience of their past and future customers. The manufacturers have been paying close attention to the car dealer’s C.S.I. (Customer Satisfaction Index) scores that reflect the car dealer experience in all aspects. I am sure that some of the car dealers of the GM and Chrysler brands that have their franchises pulled had something to do with their C.S.I. scores and reported poor car dealer experiences of buyers. Not all dealers are into the car scam.

The next factor in your car dealer experience is the Sales Managers. The sales managers closely monitor their sales people and either support professional and ethical behavior or they don’t. There are still many of these old school sales managers that like to practice to old car dealer tricks. When a new salesman approaches a customer on the lot and takes them for a test drive, and then the customer runs off, the salesman will get hell. The old school sales manager will chew them out and give them brain damage (verbal abuse).

Staff will Impact Your Car Dealer Experience

The way the car industry has been lately the old school sales managers are starting to come around, because of the orders from the owners and general managers for the reasons I noted above. The car dealer experience is becoming more and more important, and it should be when a person is spending that kind of money for a new car they should have an enjoyable car dealer experience.

Your sales person should be the biggest part of your car dealer experience. Your car sales person can be the deciding factor when it comes to a good or bad car dealer experience. A sales person that has been selling cars for a while a respectable new car dealer will usually provide you professional and ethical service. They will treat you with respect and be sincerely grateful for your business.

On the other side of that coin there are some sales people that will tell you anything to sell a car. These sales people are either a newbie to the profession or they have worked at every car dealer in a 50 mile radius and are known to pull all kinds of car dealer scams. New Car Dealers do not want these type of sales people working for them, but some times it take a little while for them to show their true colors. When they do, they are usually let go. These sales people that are still around are starting to get weeded out of the business from pressure by manufacturers that require the new car dealer owners to provide the customer with an enjoyable customer experience.

The Car Dealer Experience – You Decide

One last word about your car dealership experience: when you come to a car dealer with a bad attitude and a chip on your shoulder thinking that you are going to get ripped off, you probably will. As with any business, when the customer are reasonable and respectable, the dealer will be too!

There are still quite a few old school car people out there that are unethical and unprofessional. Keep you guard up, but you don’t need to have a bad attitude. You know what they say “you can catch more flies with honey, than you can with vinegar”. When you choose a good dealer and have a good attitude, you will have a good car dealer experience.

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