Selecting Your New Vehicle

It sounds pretty easy, right. When selecting your new vehicle there are several things you should consider before going out to the car dealer, or least before buying anything like the steps to buying a car. Sometimes the excitement of getting a new car or truck and “The Feel of The Wheel” (the car sales slang term) can cloud some peoples thinking when they are at the car dealership. Don’t let that new car smell distract you from thinking logically and sensibly. That is what the car salesman wants to happen to you. They want your emotional side to select your new vehicle rather than the logical side (car dealer tricks). They make more money that way (car dealer scams).

Select Your New Vehicle By Usage

When it comes to selecting your new vehicle type, you usually have a pretty good idea whether you are looking or a van, SUV, sedan or sports car.  Some of the questions you my want to consider are the uses of your new vehicle. Will you be towing a boat or camper? Do you need cargo room for the Little League team gear? Do you need 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive? Do you want Vehicle Stability Control? Do you purchase Hybrid or conventional? How many seats do you need and do you want fabric or leather? Do you take the car on family vacations? Who will be the primary driver? That is a lot of things to consider when you are picking out your new vehicle. Most of these choices are minor, unless you buy a vehicle that won’t be able to tow your camper. What if you got home with your new vehicle and it does not fit in the garage?

Most people know what they want and why they picked out that new vehicle. Just make sure you get all the options and basic items that you require your particular situation. Know what you need and want before you get to the dealer and get sold something you don’t want or need. (don’t laugh, it happens everyday at car dealers across the country)

Select Your New Vehicle By Pricing

Another thing you need to consider is the price of your new vehicle. Obviously the price needs to fit your budget and your needs. It is pretty easy picking out a new vehicle when price is no object. Vehicles prices can vary greatly within the same vehicle model with options live 4wheel drive, leather seats, navigation, upgraded stereo, towing hitch and more. Knowing the difference between what you need and want is important when it comes to what you can fit in your budget and whether or not you want to use car dealership financing.

Selecting Your New Vehicle Process – You Are In Control

Keep this in mind when you are picking out your new vehicle: You are spending a lot of your hard earned money; you control the process, the deal and everything else when buying a new vehicle. Take your time and make sure you doing the right thing for you. Don’t trust the car salesman for the answers to your car buying questions, do you car buying homework.

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