Returning a Car to the Dealer

There are many people that ask me about returning a new car to the dealer. They have bought a new or used car and for one reason or another they want to return their recently purchased car. The quick and easy answer is NO! Unlike many other major purchases there is no cooling off period or 72 hours to return a new or used car. The only way that you are entitled to return a car to the car dealer is if the paperwork includes a return clause or if you live in California and the conditions are met for a return.

Be Careful There Is No Returning a New Car to The Dealer

When you purchase a new or used car from a car dealer you sign a contract that legally binds you to buying the car and the car dealer to selling you the car. It is a legal contract and both sides or signers are legally obligated to perform to the terms on the contract.

Most car buyers never realize this fact until they have a problem and want to return a car to the dealer. To some this is considered to be a car dealer scam, but it is in fact a legal obligation. This is a state law and all of the states are on board except California has a few rare conditions in which you can return a car to the car dealer. This law is one of the reasons that I have written so much information about car buying scams and specifically the spot delivery scam.

Exceptions to Returning a New Car to The Dealer

In recent months or years you may have heard of some car manufacturers or dealerships offering to take back your car for any reason within a certain amount of time. Be careful of this type of statement because are certain conditions that must be met before they will allow returning a car to the car dealer. One condition is that they will take the car back, but you must buy a similar priced car or a higher priced car before they will allow you to return the car. Others state that they will return the car, but you must pay for the use and depreciation. (That can be expensive, so be careful) Another condition that allows return a car is a Lemon Law. This is a law that covers vehicles with repeated problems and issues which varies from state to state.

Know About Returning a New Car to The Dealer

When you buy a new or used car it is important for you to be sure of the obligations you are signing. I write about doing your research to avoid car dealer scams and car dealership financing scams because there are many things to be consider when you buy a car. The steps to buying a car can take you step by step through the process of buying a car along with a warning about returning a car to the dealer. So be careful when you decide to buy a new or used car, once you take delivery the car is yours along with the financial obligations. Forget about returning a new car to the dealer because there are no returns so do your research and know exactly what you are doing before you do it!

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