Remember Cars Are A Commodity

Buying and selling cars is a business and when you decide its time that to buy a new car you need to remember. New and used cars are a commodity, they are like so many other things that are bought and sold. To the car dealer that sells you a new or used vehicle the automobile is simply a commodity used to make a profit. They are not concerned with any sentimental value you may have about it or whether or not it has been a good vehicle over the years. They are only concerned the street value. In other words it’s only worth as much as someone else will pay.

You may have a trade that you have taken care of like a member of the family and added accessories and after market options, but the dealer does not care about how much money you have invested. It is simply a piece of steel and plastic that can be used to make a profit. A car dealer can’t sell trustworthy and sentiment, but they can sell steel and wheels.

It’s Not Personal Cars Are Commodities

In other words buying a car and trading your dependable old vehicle has no room for emotions only logic. Emotion will be you downfall when you allow it to become part of your automobile transaction unless you don’t mind overpaying for a car. The car buying process is designed to stir your emotions and make them part of your car buying experience, but remember that cars are a commodity and nothing more.

If I look back at all the cars I ever sold over the years the one thing that is a common denominator and always hold true when it comes to making thousands of dollars in a vehicle transaction is that the buyer used their emotions to decide to buy the car , a commodity. They got caught up in the excitement of having a new vehicle. They followed my lead and fell into my trap. I wanted them to get emotionally involved and leave the logic in the back seat and they did. Therefore I made a huge profit on the product (car) and a very handsome car salesman commission.

All in all when you visit the dealership to make your automobile purchase you must remember that cars are a commodity and there is no room for emotions unless money is not a concern. Logic will be you friend at the dealership if you want to get a great deal on your next vehicle.

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