Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

Car salesmen are trained to avoid certain questions when trying to sell you a new car, but failing to know the details can cost your dearly. To protect yourself and your hard earned money there are many questions to ask when buying a new car. Most people are so focused on the price that they fail to learn all the details that can greatly impact their overall costs and obligations of buying and owning a new car. The following questions and explanations will help you make an informed decision at the car dealership.

Price Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

Of course the price of your new car is important, but you should know the MSRP and the dealer invoice price so and you will know where your price is in relation to those numbers. In other words are paying list price (M.S.R.P.), dealer invoice price or below. Ideally you want to be paying below invoice. Get the answers to these questions to ask when buying a new car and avoid any surprises when its time to sign your paperwork.

  • Does your new car price include available rebates and incentives?
  • Does the price include destination?
  • Is the price of you new car subject to a dealer prep fee?
  • Does the price change if you are going to finance your car?
  • Does the price change if you write a check or use your own financing source?

Car dealerships will do their best to make the entire car buying process a mystery and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you have a trade-in vehicle it’s very easy for the car salesman to play with the numbers until they get you to yes. However if you learn all the details by using these questions to ask when buying a new car the process can be very simple. When you know the answers the rest is basic math and common sense. It will save time, money and headaches if you know the things to ask when buying a car.

Warranty Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

If you are going to buy a new car you can rest assured that it will include a warranty, but what are terms and conditions of that warranty and what do you have to do or not do to keep from voiding the warranty? Obviously new cars include a factory warranty against manufacturer defects, but there are still questions to ask buying new car about your coverage. Some of these inquiries will be:

  • How long is the warranty in time (months and/or years)?
  • Is there a mileage limit on the warranty?
  • What are your obligations as far as the warranty concerned?
  • Must you service your new car at the dealership?
  • Do you provide free loaners for warranty work?
  • Must you use to factory filters and fluids while your car is under warranty?
  • Do you have roadside assistance?
  • Does the warranty include towing?

As you can see there are many questions to ask when buying a car concerning the warranty? Some dealerships even offer a lifetime-limited warranty that covers the drive train or an extended warranty, but that requires you to ask additional questions. Those queries are similar to the factory warranty questions. However you should include:

  • How much does the extra warranty cost?
  • What is the deductible on the warranty?
  • Are there any out of pocket expenses?
  • Will you be required to pay a percentage of the repairs?
  • What are you required to do to honor the agreement?
  • Will the warranty be void if you service elsewhere?
  • What are the limits or capped amounts?

Make sure you know the answers to these questions to ask car dealership or you could be in for a rude awakening. Warranties have many loopholes and stipulations that should be spelled out in black and white and if you don’t understand them you need to know all the answers to the questions to ask when buying a new car.

Service Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

If you are going to service your car at the dealership where you buy your vehicle you should ask these questions to ask car dealership..

  • What are your service hours?
  • Do you have service loaner cars?
  • Do you have towing?
  • Do you offer road service or roadside assistance?
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
  • Do you have an express oil change service?

These service questions to ask when buying a new car might seem trivial, but you will be better off in the long run if you these answers ahead of time. The answers can save you time money and effort when the need arises.

Paperwork and Financing Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

When buying a new car many people have a hard time when it comes to financing and understanding their paperwork. This is one area of the car buying process where you need to know all the answers before you sign the documents. Dealerships know that by time the car buyer gets into the Finance and Business Office they are worn out and just want to go home. This is where you need to know the questions to ask buying a new car or you could ultimately end up with buyer’s remorse. What to know when buying a car can save you from disaster. Not to mention the possibility of spending thousands of dollars more than you planned or budgeted. These questions include:

  • What is your interest rate?
  • What is the term of your loan (how many months)?
  • How much is your monthly payment?
  • When is the due date of your payment?
  • Is there a prepayment or early payoff penalty?
  • Do they offer electronic payments or automatic withdrawal?
  • Is there a fee on late payments?
  • Is it simple interest?

Now when it comes to going through all the paperwork that you have to sign its important to read and understand everything. Typically you will start with the car buyer’s order that will display all the amounts and the details of your purchase. Unless you take your time it could be confusing so here are some more questions to ask when buying a new car so you will understand what you are signing.

  • What is the sales price?
  • How much is the sales tax?
  • How much is the dealer documentation fee?
  • Is the destination charge included?
  • What is the reason for the odometer statement?
  • Where is the rebate shown?
  • What is this number or dollar amount?
  • Where is the trade-in amount?
  • What is this form?

The paperwork can be overwhelming, but this is when you need a cool head and must be thinking clearly. If you don’t understand any form, dollar amount or number it’s your right to ask and you should. These questions to ask when buying a new car can save a load of grief and money. Get the answers, make sure you understand everything before you sign anything and use your head instead of your heart to buy your car or it will cost you dearly.

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