The Questions to Ask When Buying a Car

Because of the nature the car business there are some questions to ask when buying a new car and used car that can save you some big money. Getting the answers to these car buying questions could make the difference between a fair car deal and one that could cost you thousands more than you need to spend. The car salesman and the finance manager intentionally leave out some of these facts or answers so they can sell you a car and make a killing. It is the car dealers process for buying a car and it has a motive.

Get the Answers to the Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car or Used Car

The car salesman is trained to leave out some of the details because they may cause you to back out of a bad car deal and leave the car dealership in a hurry without spending a dime. The car salesman is experienced at dancing around your questions and changing the subject to keep you from getting the answers to the questions to ask when buying a car. The car dealer and the car salesman know that they must answer these questions if the car buyer insists on the answers because the details will come out sooner or later. However if they can avoid giving you these details throughout the entire car buying process which includes the spot delivery they know they will be home free because there are no returns. That’s right, you can’t return a car to the dealer after you take delivery so if you discover the answers to these questions to ask when buying a new car and used car after you get home it’s too late. You’re stuck!

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a New Car

Car Buying Question #1: What is the purchase price of the car?
The car salesman will try to turn your attention to the monthly car payment rather than the actual price of the car. The idea is to charge you list price or more for your car when they sell you on the amount of the payment. It is important question to ask when buying a new car and used because you need to know the price of the car and negotiate that number separate from anything else. After all the rest is math and not the dealer version of car buying math.

Car Buying Question #2: What is the Interest Rate?
The interest rate is one area where the car dealer loves to make some extra money. They may try to sign you at a higher interest rate than you qualify for and then they collect the difference of the two rates as a profit. Everyone makes out except you, because you will be paying a higher monthly car payment than you should be paying. As shown in the steps to buying a car you should know your credit and the interest rate that you can get from another lender and then use that to compare the rate that the car dealer is using to finance you car. The answer to this question to ask when buying a car is critical because this car dealer scam could raise you monthly payment anywhere from $10 to $80 a month.

Car Buying Question #3: What is the term of you car dealer loan?
Not knowing the answer to this question to ask when buying a new car or used car can cause you to pay for your car for an extra 6 to 24 months if you are not aware of the car dealerships financing term. Sometimes the car dealer may try to stretch out your car dealer loan for a longer term in order to reduce your monthly auto payment without mentioning that fact. You might be expecting to finance your car for 60 months and the actual term is 72 months. You would be paying for your car for 12 months longer that you planned or expected. Not knowing the answer to this question when you buy a car can be very expensive.

Car Buying Question #4: What are these numbers on the paperwork?
When it’s time to do your paperwork for your new car you will be signing several documents that look overwhelming because of the large amount of information they contain. It is a very common car dealer trick to include charges and car dealer fees that were never discussed during the car buying process. So the questions ask when buying a car and going over the paperwork is “what are all these numbers”. Have your Finance Manager thoroughly explain all the car fees and charges to your satisfaction before you sign anything. Here is a breakdown and explanation of all the car buying fees that are real and the ones that are imposed by the car dealer including the Dealer Prep Fee.

Car Buying Question #5: Is my trade-in getting paid off and what is the trade value?
This question to ask when buying a car is similar to question #1 in regards to breaking this item out from anything else. You want the trade-in numbers to stand on their own so you can use your car buying research and trade information to verify the true used car trade value. Car dealers are know for playing with the numbers to make it look like you are getting more for your trade-in or a bigger discount on the new car, but you are smarter than that. You want to know the answers when you ask the questions for buying a car. Besides the value of your trade-in car you also need to make sure that the amount owed on your old car (if there is any) will be paid off as a condition of your purchase agreement.  You can ask the question, but you also need to see the details of the payoff on your contract before you sign anything.

These are the most important questions to ask when buying a new car or used car to avoid a car dealer scam which can cost you a bundle. When you know the answers to these car questions you will stand a much better chance of being seen as a savvy car buyer that the car dealer and salesman will respect. If you have additional questions you can visit the Car Buying Questions page for more information because there are always questions to ask when buying a car for your own protection. If you are buying a used car you should use the used car checklist.

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