One Price and No Haggle Car Dealerships

Are you one of those people that would do anything to avoid negotiating with a car salesman? If so you might want to visit a One Price or No Haggle car dealership that displays their vehicles with the lowest price they will accept. The idea of one-price dealerships is that you don’t have to negotiate or haggle with salespeople, the price is the price and the one price is the dealerships price not yours. If this appeals to you that is fine, but that doesn’t mean that you are getting a great deal. It just means that you are willing to accept their per-determined prices for cars, financing, warranties and other services at their word. Are you really willing to accept the word of a car salesman?

One Price and No Haggle car dealerships are simply a marketing technique used to appeal to those that don’t want to negotiate. They set their prices so that they will make what they consider to be a fair profit margin on their customer. However what is fair to the dealership might not be fair to the consumer so you need to decide if this purchase method is for you. That’s a personal choice, but I rather invest some extra time at the dealership and doing some online research to save an extra thousand dollars or possibly much more.

In a way the One Price or no haggle car dealership takes away your right to negotiate your best deal. You simply have to accept their pricing, its take it or leave it, you want the car or you don’t. Its not the way cars are typically sold, but to those people that are worried about saving money or taking the time to spend their hard earned dollars wisely this is probably right up your alley. If that describes you when it comes to buying a car then you might be wasting your time on this car buying website, if not continue reading this car buying guide for all the information you need to get the best deal on a new or used car.

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