No Haggle Car Sales – Yeah Right!

I have talked to many people and was told that they prefer no haggle car sales dealership over the conventional dealer. When I asked them why, they answered that they don’t want to go back and forth with a salesman and that they just want to buy a car without a hassle. If you are one of those consumers then you should know that “No Haggle” car sales might not be exactly what you think. In fact you can go to any car dealership and buy a car without haggling if you are willing to pay sticker.

In the car business they say “sticker is quicker” which means you can have a hassle free car buying experience as long as you are willing to pay full price. Simply accept what you are being told by the car salesman and sign the buyers order as directed and before you know it you are on your way home with your new ride without negotiating or any other type of hassle. How does that sound to you?

Getting a Good Car Deal without Haggling

The No Haggle Car Sales premise is an advertising gimmick, a rouse that some of the car buying public has swallowed hook, line and sinker. Think about it for a minute, the car dealer advertises “no hassle” car buying at their dealership and then they show a reduced price from the M.S.R.P. on new cars and a reduced price on used cars that they determine to be a fair profit regardless of market value and you are willing to pay that price because they have advertised a no hassle and no negotiation policy.

Now that the price of the vehicle has already been determined by the dealer it’s time to settle up. If you are going to write a check for your automobile great, just hand over the check and drive home in your new vehicle after you paid the price that the dealership thought was fair. Sounds like the scenario I mentioned earlier that can be done at any dealership in the country. However if you are going to finance your automobile you will have to sign a contract with an interest rate that has been determined to be fair by the dealer. Is the dealer making a profit on your finance charge? Then you might want to add an extended car warranty to your finance agreement, but is the price of the warranty fair or do you also assume that the cost is reasonable?

Is No Haggle Car Sales Right for You

Ok, so what about credit life insurance, options and accessories are they also priced reasonably? Maybe you have bought into the dealership’s advertising so thoroughly that you assume you are getting a deal or perhaps you don’t want to take the time to do some car buying homework and research. Either way or whether it is used or new you are willing to pay more than you need to pay for your vehicle. That’s Ok with them as long as it is Ok with you and their no haggle car sales advertising dollars were well spent.

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