Inside the Car Dealership

Let’s take a quick look inside the car dealership for a better understanding of the car buying process. When you arrive at the car dealership typically the first person you will encounter is the car salesman. Very often you don’t need to do anything more than pull into a parking spot in order to start the process. You will likely be greeted when you open your car door and step foot on the lot. A smiling salesperson will extend their hand, introduce themselves and ask your name. Sound familiar? It should because this usually the proper procedure at most dealerships across the country. It is part of their sales training and an important step for the salesperson, because they don’t get paid to welcome you they get paid a commission for selling you a car and if they don’t greet you first someone else will. Some dealerships rotate greeting customers, but most have what is know as an “Open Floor” which means the salespeople compete for customers and the first one to greet you wins.

This alone gives you an idea of how fierce the competition for your wallet can be at the car dealer. Most everyone can recognize the wolf-pack gathering when they pull into lot. They are looking for their next victim and the opportunity to ponce. From now on you becoming a paying customer partially or wholly compensates everyone you come into contact with inside the car dealership.

It doesn’t mater if your trip to the car dealership is to purchase parts of get your engine oil changed. In most dealerships it is important to the staff for you to become a new or ongoing customer. Everyone is trained to do his or her specific job. Customer satisfaction is important to everyone working with potential customers.

Inside the car dealership is a gathering of specialists, each and every person employed has a specific job to do and one usually depends on the prior. If the car salesperson that greets you leaves a bad impression everyone suffers. They are a team that works well when they are all on the same page.

Like I said even when you come in to get you vehicle serviced the service writer that collects your information and takes your keys is here to sell you services that the dealership offers. Obviously each person is driven by his or her own motives and level of ambition, but in the end their compensation is determined by how much you spend during your visit. Like I said in the beginning “let the buyer beware”. This brief look inside the car dealership should start making you see things a little clearer when it comes to the car dealership.

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