In a Hurry – Sticker is Quicker

Very few people like going to the car dealership and spending hours buying a car. In fact that is the most common complaint that dealer have about buying a car. We have a saying in the car business that says in you are in a hurry and don’t like how long it takes to buy a car Sticker is Quicker. So if you come into the dealership point out the car and pay the full sticker price, write a check you can get in and and out very quickly. However you will be paying list price and people don’t dislike buying a car at the dealership to do things that way. They want to negotiate, they want a better price and they are here to play the game.

There are car dealers around the country that call themselves “No-Haggle” or “One-Price” dealers because they don’t negotiate and people like that, but what price are you really paying for your car, you might be paying sticker price, but you are certainly not getting the discount and price reductions that you can get by following the car buying steps on this website.

Buying a car is a major purchase and a commitment. Therefore the time you spend doing research, gathering information and making decisions will lessen the amount of time you will spend at the dealership. However car dealers have processes and procedures in place. They call the car buying process the Steps to the Sale. Everyone that sells cars or manages salespeople goes through the same training and this process takes time. I will show you some shortcuts, but when it comes down to visiting the dealership, selecting a car, going for a test drive and doing paperwork it takes time. You are going to own this vehicle for years, a few hours over years of ownership is a very small investment of time. However if you are in a hurry to buy a car quickly just remember that Sticker is Quicker.

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