I Want Your Best Price on a Car

Whether you go to the car dealership, call the car dealer or send an email to the dealer, you have probably said I want your best price on a car. Everybody does, but do think that makes a difference? Not really because very often discounted car pricing is subject to many different conditions. Just because you want the best price doesn’t mean you will get it. Remember, the dealer’s main objective is getting you to the car dealership when you are calling on the phone, submitting a lead or sending an email.

The only way that you are going to get the best price on a car is to be in the dealership. That’s right, because anyone can negotiate on the phone or through email, but the car salesmen and sales managers know that a car shopper that makes the effort to come into the dealership is a serious car buyer. They also know that the person on the phone or in email is not willing to make the trip and is probably doing the same routine with several dealers at the same time.

Best price on a New Car and a Used Car

Most dealerships have different policies on pricing when it comes to new or used cars. New cars are more of a commodity because they can be purchased at any number of car dealers in an area. Therefore pricing will be more competitive on new cars. On the other hand used cars are very different because one dealer can have a used car of a certain model and year and another dealer can have the same year and model car, but the actual condition and value of each vehicle can be very different. Therefore used cars are handled differently when it comes to getting the best price on a car.

New Car Best Price: Most new car dealershipswill provide price quotes today to anyone that requests one. Dealers realize that most customers will turn to the Internet to begin their car shopping and if they are going to be considered they will need to provide competitive new car price quotes to potential customers. In most cases these quotes will not only supply with the best price on a new car, but they may also contain some deceptive pricing techniques to get you in their dealership. (See the new car price quotes link above for more info).

Used Car Best Price: Like I mentioned earlier used car pricing makes it very hard to compare several cars because every used car is different. They might be the same make, model and year, but they can be very different and the only to know is to see the car in person and inspect the used car. You could call the car dealership and ask for the best price, but if you really want the best price on a used car you need to go to the dealership in person.

I will cover more on the subject of getting the best price on a car in several of the others chapters of this $2. Whether you are thinking about buying a new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle you be able to get a great deal if you follow the methods, tricks and techniques fro buying cars found on this website.

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