How to Buy a New Car and Get a Great Deal

In a Hurry? – How to Buy a New Car Step by Step

Buying a new car can be an overwhelming and stressful experience if you are not familiar with the car buying process. The car dealerships use the fact that you don’t buy a car often to confuse you and sometimes even take advantage of an unsuspecting car buyer. Follow along and I will cover the steps to buying a new car and show you how to make a great deal. This concise quick start new car buying guide can get you in and out quickly and without jumping through the typical car buying hoops.

Techniques on Getting the Best Deal Buying a New Car

Before you ever leave the house you need to start doing your research. This preliminary research should be done on the Internet which will save you many hours of aggravation and hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This how to buy a new car preparation will provide you with all the information you need to ensure a good deal on your new vehicle and without question the best way to buy a car.

Selection, Research and Pricing on How To Buy a New Car

We can start with selection, but you probably already have a pretty good idea which make and model of new car you want to buy. So we will move on to how to price a new car research which is probably one of the most important parts of how to buy a new car. Before you start going to several car dealerships and dealing with the common car dealer tricks we will get prices from 4 different dealers that sell the car we want to buy. We won’t even have to talk with them because we can get 3 written quotes sent right to your email in-box.

You will receive up to 4 quotes in your email which you will look over and determine which dealer has the best price for the new car you are buying. The written price on your quotes will help you decide which dealer that you want to visit by selecting the best new car price quote.

Financing or Cash for Buying Your New Car

If you plan on buying a new car with cash you can move on to the next box. However if you are going to finance your new vehicle you need to follow closely to this part of how to buy a new car because the car dealer can make more profit on the financing that the actual car if you are not prepared. Even if you get a great price on the new car you are buying you could overpay by thousands if you haven’t done your homework on new car financing.

One of the first things you need to do is know your credit score. No matter who is going to finance the new car you are buying it is critical to know your credit score. Knowing your credit history and score it the best way to save a fortune when financing a car.

Now that you know your credit score you need to have a lender quote for financing that you can use as leverage against the Car Dealer to get their best financing rate. The car dealer makes money on your financing so the dealer will do almost anything to get your how to buy a new car financing. When you have a quote from another auto loan lender the dealer will do their best to beat your quote, which is exactly what you want. This is how you will get the best interest rate and term from the car dealer.

Then you should consider an extended warranty when you buy a new car because of the high cost of repairs. The price of an extended warranty can be surprisingly low when you don’t buy it from the car dealership. Depending on the car you buy the price of a warranty could be as low as a few hundred dollars which is less than an average repair bill. Get the free quote on the right and you will use this as a tool to compare the price the dealer will want to charge you. You may ask what this has to do with how to buy a new car, but an extended warranty is usually much cheaper when you purchase it when the car is brand new.

How To Trading In a Used Car When You Buy a New Car

Now this section of how to buy a vehicle only applies if you have a used car trade-in. If you do not have a vehicle to trade in on your new one you can move to the next section. However if you do have an automobile to trade in this step of how to buy a new car can save you anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands. Get you trade value and print out that information to use when we get to the dealer.

How To Buy a New Car The Car Dealer Visit

It’s time to go to the car dealer of your choice now and actually look at some cars. Make you bring all the quotes, information and paperwork from the research you have done. These are critical to the success of getting a good deal when you buy a new vehicle. A car salesman will greet you in the lot or show and tell him or her what you want. They will show you the cars and show you all the features.

Test Driving  Before Buying the New Car

Let’s go for a test drive. Take your time and drive the new car on different types of roads and at different speeds to make sure that is the new car you want to buy. Check for overall comfort, visibility and make sure there are no blind spots that make you uncomfortable.

Negotiation To Buy a New Car

Negotiating should not really enter in to your how to buy a new car experience. You have pricing, financing, warranty and your credit score information. Let your salesman know that you will buy the new car for the amount of the quote and you already have financing lined up with a different lender, but you are open to there financing and warranty if they can meet or beat your quotes. You should already know your payments because you used the auto loan calculator to figure them out.

How To Buy a New Car and What to Expect in the Business Office

You are done with the car salesman and then they will introduce you to the business manager that will prepare you new car buying paperwork (this is where the real selling is done). The Business Manager or Finance Manager will present you with many offers and extras to add on to your sale. You should only be concerned with your finance rate, term, and extended warranty. You have done your research and know all the figures. If the car dealerships can match your rate and term you can finance with them, if not you will use your lender and the same goes for an extended warranty. Most times the dealer will match or beat your rate and term to earn your new car business. How to buy a new car is not difficult if you have done your homework and are prepared.

Delivery of Your New Car

OK, everything should be done and you are ready to take delivery of your new car. Before you drive away look over your new car carefully. Check inside and out for damage , scratches or anything that makes your new car less than perfect. Remember, you can’t return a car after you leave the dealership.

Congratulations That Was How to Buy a New Car

You just went through the steps of how to buy a new car and the techniques on getting the best deal buying a new car to get a good deal. Enjoy your new vehicle because you can feel good about buying a vehicle and not getting taken to the cleaners.

By following each one of these car buying steps for purchasing a new car you can rest assured that you will be getting a great deal and not have to concern yourself with any car dealer scams.

Buying a new car is not difficult once you understand the process and know what to expect. Being prepared takes all of the risk out of buy a new automobile.

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