First Time Car Buyer Programs

When it’s time to buy your first new car you may have an opportunity to save some money and get favorable financing terms if you qualify. Many of the car manufacturers offer first time car buyer programs to help the first time buyer get a new car. Most of these programs for buying your first car are limited to new vehicles and it’s more about the financing than the discounts. However there are car dealers with programs for recent graduates which is sponsored by the automobile manufacturers if you are eligible. I have gathered the basic information about the car maker’s programs to help compare your first time car buy options and discount programs.

Many of these first time car buyer programs can change at any time without notice and they all have an expiration date. In most cases the auto maker will renew the program for the next year or some pre-determined time period. That way they can make changes or drop the program if they like.

First Time Car Buyer Programs and Discounts Overview

Ford, Lincoln or Mercury – First Time Auto Buyer Program Features

The Ford program says even if you have not had financing experience in the past the program can help you lease or finance a new Ford or Ford product. To determine if you qualify you need to visit your local Ford, Mercury or Lincoln dealership.

They also have a College purchase program that gives you an additional $500 (amount subject to change) discount on your new vehicle if you are eligible. You can currently be in college or a recent graduate to receive the discount which also includes trade schools. The full list of details to qualify it at Ford Credit.

Toyota, Lexus and Scion First Time Buyer Programs and Discounts

Toyota is offering by way of their dealers a program for recent graduates or the person that is close to graduating. Currently the discount or rebate is $750 which is subject to change and also has eligibility requirements which you can find at the Toyota website link below. I could not find anything for Lexus, but then a new Lexus is not exactly the first time buyer type of vehicle.

The Scion brand by Toyota has a similar first time car buyer program which helps you finance a new Scion if you have never had any finance experience or history. There are certain conditions that must be met, but overall it is a great way to start building your credit for the first time buyer.

Toyota offers a military discount or rebate of $500 for active duty military personal. For full details you click on the Toyota links below.

Toyota Financial or

General Motors First Car Time Buyers Programs

I have searched high and low, but I have not found any information on financing specials or rebates for the first time buyer. However I did find that GM has special rebates for military personnel which were not very clear so I would recommend you talk to your local Chevy, Buick, GMC, Cadillac and other GM dealers for any first time car buyer programs or automobile loan deferred payments in your area or at

Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep – First Time Vehicle Buyer Programs

I have searched all over and I have been unable to come up with any type of program for the first time buyer. I did not find any rebates or specials for recent college graduates or military personnel. However I have heard that Chrysler sometimes automobile loan deferred payments. If anyone that reads knows of any programs for first time car buyers please let me know so I can add that information. Get more info at Chrysler

Nissan Program for First Time Car Buyers

All I could find from Nissan was the recent college graduate rebate program that is similar to the Toyota program for first time car buyers. You can see some of the conditions below for the recent graduate program which includes a $500 rebate for most Nissan vehicles. All programs are subject to change and you should talk to your local dealer for more details.

  • Graduation within the next six months, or past two years, from an accredited U.S. two- or four-year university, college, graduate school, or nursing school. Also eligible: students currently enrolled in graduate school.
    ·  Present employment, or future employment beginning within 90 days of financing approval.
    ·  Sufficient income to cover normal living expenses and car payments.
    ·  Auto insurance.
    ·  Approved credit

More information on the Nisan Program you should contact Nissan’s car dealers with programs for recent graduates and Discounts for first time buyers at Nissan USA

First Time Car Buyers Program for Honda

The only thing that I have come across pertaining to a Honda first time car buyer program is the Honda Graduate Program. Honda Financial ServicesSM can help you get a car with flexible and competitive financing. Qualify for the Honda Graduate Program and one of Honda’s enticing current offers and let us help you take your life to the next level. Hide details.Special HFS A.P.R. financing available on all new 2010 Civic Coupe models. 0.9% APR financing for 24-60 months available to customers who qualify for the HFS Super Preferred or Preferred credit tier. Example for 2010 Civic: 0.9% for 36 months financing at $28.16 a month for every $1,000.00 financed. Dealers set actual vehicle sales prices. See participating dealers for details.For well-qualified buyers and buyers that qualify for the Honda Graduate Program criteria. Not all buyers may qualify. Higher rates apply for buyers with lower credit ratings.

Honda Update $500 College Graduate discount for buyers good through 2014.

Honda Financial Services’ standard credit criteria apply. Example for 2010 Civic: 0.9% for 36 months financing at $28.16 a month for every $1,000.00 financed. See dealer for details. Dealers set actual prices. Limited time only.

Flexible and competitive financing, lease and purchase-plan packages on any new or Certified Used Honda vehicle deferred automobile loan deferred payments for 90 days, with 60 days of no interest*


  • 5% minimum down payment
  • No adverse credit history
  • Verifiable proof of employment or a firm commitment from an employer with a start date no more than 120 days from the date of the finance contract
  • Graduate with a master’s, bachelor’s or associate degree from a U.S. – accredited college or registered nursing school
  • Have graduated in the past two years or will graduate in the next four months
  • Provide your Honda dealer with the credit and document requirements

There was no mention of rebates or discounts that I could find from Honda that would make me believe that there is a first time car buyer program. You should check with your local dealer because programs are changing all the time. Honda buyer program for buyers.

Check Car Dealers with Programs for Recent Graduates

You can see that I did not cover every automobile manufacturer, but from my perspective there is not much of any type of first time car buyer program other than a assistance that will allow the person to finance a brand new car with little or no credit. However, as you can see there are many car makers and their car dealers with programs for recent graduates. Some of them have automobile loan deferred payments which is always nice. This may be a great benefit when you go to finance a new car, but the $2 remains a questions which will be determined at your local dealer. Follow the steps to buy a car and avoid paying more than you have to.

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