Finally Tips for Car Purchase Negotiating

When it’s time to buy a car most people hate going to the car dealership because they don’t like negotiating with the car salesman and their sales managers. However with these tips for car purchase negotiating you can avoid much of the hassle if you are prepared for the experience. Read on and you will learn how you can control the car buying process and come out on top when it comes to negotiation.


When a potential car buyer comes to the dealership the sales person guides them through a process with the assumption that the buyer has not done any research or homework on the car they want to purchase. As they go through the car buying steps the salesman learns how much the customer knows about the car, the process and the pricing and then they adjust their pitch accordingly. If the customer is clueless they will try to hold them at sticker price but, if they know the invoice price and dealer holdback amounts they try to make a deal at an amount over invoice if they can. This tip for car purchase negotiation alone can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Typically a car purchase negotiation consists of the car salesman going back and forth between the buyer and their sales manager until one of you finally gets worn down and accepts the deal. However the car salesman does this every day and they are more likely to holdout longer than the car buyer.  This part of the car buying process is what almost everyone complains about when buying a car according to customers I have polled. The following tips for car purchase negotiating will allow you to save a lot of time and aggravation and still get a good price when you buy a car.

New Car Tips for Car Purchase Negotiating

When you are negotiating a new car purchase you can put in the advantage on your side if you follow these simple tips for controlling the process.

#1. Once you have selected the new car that you want to purchase you need to do a little homework to prepare for your trip to the dealership. Click here (opens in new window) and fill out the form to get up to 4 price quotes from local dealers sent to your email. You should receive very competitive price quotes in less than an hour.

#2. Look through your price quotes and then click here (new window) to find the dealers invoice price (the amount they pay for the car). Enter the vehicle and options as it is shown on your quotes and compare the prices. Then print out the pages that show dealer invoice price because you will use them for negotiating your car purchase.

#3. The goal is to buy your new car for dealer invoice less any manufacturer rebates and incentives. If you want to spend some time negotiating you may get another $100 to $400 off of invoice, but don’t count on it. Make sure your quotes and prices include dealer destination because some dealers will try to add some unethical car dealer fees. When you show the dealer that you have done your homework and you know the invoice price along with the quotes from competing dealers you are in the driver’s seat. Car purchase negotiating can be kept to a minimum when you tell them that you want them to beat or match the price from your lowest quote or you will go to the other dealer. As long as they have the car you want to buy in stock they will usually match the price. Yes, they are selling you the car for very little profit, but they always have a chance to make it up on your trade in or financing (see car dealer tricks).

Used Car Tips for Car Purchase Negotiating

When it comes to buying a used car negotiating your purchase is a little more difficult because no two used cars are exactly the same. These tips for car purchase negotiation require you to do a little more research and may involve some of that going back and forth that car buyer’s hate. Sorry, but that is the nature of the used car business.

#1. The first thing you need to do is find the vehicle you want to buy and then do your research. Now that you have located the car you want you should click here (new window) and locate similar cars. Search for as many like cars as you can find and printout all the information including the price.

#2. Then click here (new window) and go to the used car pricing section and check the value of the car you have chosen earlier. Print out this information and compare all your printouts. Look at the pictures, mileage, condition and pricing. Remember that pricing can’t be your only consideration. The condition of the used car plays a big part in the price and your car buying negotiations.

#3. Use all the information that you have gathered and take the best ones with you to the dealership to plead your case for a price reduction during you car purchase negotiations. Also make sure you take a copy of the used car checklist so you can thoroughly inspect the car you wish to buy. One thing to keep in mind is that dealers often lower their car prices when they have had it in their inventory longer than 60 days. Turnover of inventory is critical in the used car business.

#4. I am sorry, but at this point you are on your own because every used car is different. Find minor flaws and areas that need attention to aid you in your car purchase negotiating. Ask them to repair or replace anything that you think needs attention or tell them you want a lower price. Your best defense when buying a used car is the information you gather.

Negotiating a car purchase can be an overwhelming task, but doing some research will help you avoid any car dealer tricks or car scams. Make sure you check out the other ways that the dealer can empty your wallet when you buy a car that goes beyond negotiating.

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