Do Your New Car Buying Homework

One of the first things that you need to do when you are buying a car is you new car buying homework and research. We call it homework, because you will be doing it before you get to the new car dealer so you can avoid any car dealer scams. At this point I will assume you know brand, make and model of new car you want to buy.

You are going to do this new car buying homework and research so you can find out what the new car M.S.R.P. and financing specials from the manufacturer. The first step of your car buying homework will be to go to the manufacturer’s website and build you new car online. The website will usually ask you for a zip code, so they can provide you with information on the new cars and specials in your area.

Most manufacturers’ websites will allow you to build a new car the way you want it and the way that it is available. Sometimes not all configurations are available in all areas so they will only allow you to build a car the way that it is available which can save a lot of time. Doing you new car buying homework will give you the information that will save you from arguing with a salesman about the way a certain car is built.

Car Buying Homework and Research – Best Price on a New Car

The place I go and I  recommend for accuracy is Yahoo! Autos. They have good accurate information along with special financing and rebate information. When you go to $2oo! Autos make sure that you have all the accurate information, such as model, options, accessories. This can be a little tricky with some brands because of the options codes they use. I have found that once you get all the accurate options, model and trim level, then Yahoo! Autos is usually right on the money down to the penny.

Accurate Car Buying Research Homework

The new car price quotes and information that you will get from Yahoo! Autos will show you the M.S.R.P. and exactly what you can buy the car for. This can give you a very good idea about what is going on in the market with the new car that you have chosen. Compare your 4 local quotes for the car you want and you can go the dealer with the best price.

Print out all this information that you received from Yahoo! Autos. You will make a copy of all the options, prices, special financing and rebates. There is no charge for this information the few extra minutes of new car buying homework may save you a lot of time and aggravation.

Car Buying Homework and Research Will Save You Money

When I help someone do this homework for buying a new car I will also advise them to Click Here and go to  Yahoo! Autos they will provide you with 4 quotes from local dealers that sell that car. When you do this online you will receive 4 quotes emailed to you from competing dealers that have the car. These quotes come from the new car dealers Internet Sales Departments. These Internet Sales Departments usually work with customers through email to provide quotes without having to go in to the new car dealership and get hassled. These quotes are FREE and there is No Obligation whatsoever. It is the easiest thing you can do to get a great quote for FREE.

Now that you have done your new car buying homework you should now have 4 quotes from new car dealers, information on sticker price, dealer invoice price and what other people are paying for the new car you want to buy. This information will give you much more control when dealing the new car dealership, save a lot of time, money and avoid car dealer scams.

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