Considering a Car Lease – Consider Honda

If you have thinking about replacing your current vehicle with a new leased car then you should be considering a Honda. When it comes to leasing Honda is one of the best for a variety of reasons. The main reason being that you will typically get more for your money. When we compare Honda to many of the other auto manufacturer lease programs they are vey hard to beat.

Advantage Honda Lease

The main reasons include a high residual rate which means equates to resale value. This means you will pay less money for the typical 36-month (3 year) lease a comparably equipped vehicle from another automaker. American Honda Finance that holds the lease also has very competitive rates or money factors, which translates to a lower interest rate. Some of the other reasons that Honda is a great brand for leasing that many consumers don’t consider until they are at the dealership includes as follows:

No Lease End Fees or Charges

Tolerant and forgiving Excessive Wear and Tear Program

GAP Insurance is Included

Low Acquisition Fee

All of the factors make the Honda line-up one of the best cars to lease. So if you are thinking about a Honda automobile you may want to consider leasing. At the end of the term you simply return the vehicle or if you were pleased with your Honda you can purchase it for the residual value which Honda Finance is more that happy to finance at their current Certified APR. If you are a recent college gradutae you will also be happy to know Honda recently added a $500 incentive for graduates that are first time buyers for all models.

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