Common Car Dealer Scams

Don’t you just hate going car shopping at your local car dealer? Most people do because they have heard

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so much about car dealer scams. If you feel out of your element and at the mercy of your car salesman in order to get a great deal, then read on. You will learn about some of the most common car dealer scams that will help you be in control of the car buying process and keep you from getting help up without a gun.

Car Dealer Scams and Car Buying Scams to Separate You and Your Money – There are Many!

In order to have a better understanding of common car dealer scams, let me give you a little background and insider insight of how the car dealers do business on a regular basis.

Misdirect Your Attention Car Financing Scam

The car salesman and dealer try to keep your attention focused on the payment rather than the price. If you are an educated car buyer and did your research you will be concerned about the price because the rest is just math. So during any type of negotiations you will want to stay focused on the price you are paying for the new car, not the payment. While the car salesman gets you to focus on the monthly payment rather than the price they can easily have you paying more than list price for a car.

When you focus on the payment they have many variables that can change, such as interest rate, trade-in value, car buying fees and loan term. The car salesman loves to sell a car to a payment buyer because the dealer can easily pick up several thousand in additional profit from a payment car buyer.

The Low Balling Car Dealer Scams

Perhaps one of the most common of car dealer scams is Low Balling. Your car salesman will try to convince you, the buyer that they have the lowest price for the car so they can start negotiations and get you to focus on the payment rather than the price. The salesman will probably tell you that you can get the car that you want for a lower price and then begin to dance around the issue and start negotiating payments

Best Price Matching Car Dealer Scams-Yeah Right!

If the car dealer fails to sell you a car while you are there, they will tell you just before you leave to visit other dealers that they will match or beat any price that you will get anywhere.  By this time, you are probably sick and tired of looking around and dealing with car salesmen and common car dealer scams that you will take their offer. This is very often the case in the car business. Nobody wants to drive from car dealer to car dealer to deal with car salesman tricks and deceptive practices.

Trade In Car Dealer Scams-Look Out!

When you are buying a new car and trading in a used car it is very common for the car dealer to undervalue your trade-in so they can make more profit on the overall purchase transaction. They will test drive your trade-in and talk about it making noises or something and try to find anything in order to have you accept less money for your trade in. Usually the new car buyer will accept less money for their trade-in car when they feel that they got a good price on the new car. This car buying scam is all about the customer’s perception. Once you start imagining yourself in the new car you usually soften on the amount that you will accept for your trade-in. (This one usually the dealer’s favorite scam)

The Spraying Car Dealer Scams

When you visit your local car dealer and test drive a car, but not buy a car the car dealer salesman will start calling you. The salesman will pursue you relentlessly until you finally buy a car. If you tell them that you bought a car they will ask you what you paid and then tell you that they could have sold it for less and upset you. In order to avoid this common car dealer scam give an incorrect phone number and they will not be able to call you.

The Puppy Dog Car Dealer Scams

The dealer will allow you to take the car overnight. The idea is to get you the buyer to experience ownership for a longer period of time than a test drive.  Then you can see the car in your driveway or garage, your neighbors can see it, your friends see it, and you start to form an attachment to the car and end up buying. After you have driven a brand new car for the last 24 hours do you really want to go back to the car dealer and get back into your old car to leave? Logically it might be the smartest thing you could do, but emotionally you want that new car. They got you!

Today Only Price Car Dealer Scams – This Price is Only Good Today

While you are at the car dealer, but have not bought a new car the dealer will give you a great price but they will tell you that the price is only good until the end of the day. This car dealer scam will very often make you think it is a great deal and end up buying the car without checking what other car dealers have to offer for fear of missing out on the great price they offered. This car scam is used every day by car dealers. The car dealer knows that they have a better chance of selling you a car now rather have you leave and logically examine your choices. The strongest motivation for buying a car with this car scam is the fear of missing out on a good price. The car salesman and dealer are trying use your emotions to get you to buy a car. Buying a car with your emotions is the quickest way to become the victim of a car dealer scam.

Throw It In Car Dealer Scams-Stuff You Don’t Want

In order to sweeten the deal and soften you up on price the dealer will offer to give you extras like floor mats, car window etching, fabric protection and other accessories. This common car dealer scam will slow down the price issue negotiations and take your attention away from the price and make you feel that you got something of value.

Everybody wants to feel that they got a good deal when they buy a car, the idea of being taken advantage of with these common car dealer scams is exactly the reason that so many people would rather get a root canal than buy a car. Now when you go to the car dealer you will have a better idea of their lingo and what is going on in order to be prepared to control the process and the car dealer experience. Do your car buying homework and you will be better prepared to control the car buying process.

There are many more car dealer scams and car dealer tricks and many of those are combined with dealership financing. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet, there are many more like dealer prep fee, car dealer fees and car dealer ads just to name a few. You can avoid many of these if you are prepared and follow the steps to buying a car.

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