Checking Out the Auto Manufacturers Websites

A valuable tool when shopping for a new car is the auto manufacturers websites. Most them provide a wealth of information that includes all the available makes, models, options, specifications, accessories, current incentives and the M.S.R.P. (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price). If you were happy paying full price the automakers website is all you would need to buy a new car short of going for a test drive. However you visited to learn how to save big money on your new car, but its important to use the MSRP (as we discussed earlier) as a reference point to do your car buying research.

As you know the auto manufacturers build differently for different parts of the country and not all configurations will be available in your particular area. One-way to get accurate build and availability information is to use the “build your car” or “configure your car” feature of the automaker’s website. One of the first things they will ask you to do add your zip code that way they will only let you choose options that are available in your area. Now you can choose and equip your new vehicle to your liking and it will potentially be available somewhere in your region.

Most of the auto manufacturers websites also have a feature to “Compare Vehicles” which will allow you to compare different models and trim levels. Some of the sites will also allow you to compare other brands, which can be very helpful if you are not quite sure which vehicle you want to purchase. However you should know that when you compare another brand they are going to focus on the area where they excel and downplay or even ignore areas where their competitors excel. Not a surprise, so for another view go to competitors website and compare the two vehicles.

Pricing and Current Incentives at Auto Manufacturers Websites

When selecting a new vehicle there are many options and trim levels to choose from, but they come with a price. One of features I like best is the way that you can build and configure a vehicle on an automakers website and see how it changes the price. You can go back and forth and change trim levels, colors, fabrics and so many different things and see how the price changes to help you decide if that option is worth it to you. You should use this feature to get familiar with the options, because you may have a problem getting the exact vehicle you want, but you may discover that you can get the vehicle if you add or subtract a certain option.

The auto manufacturer’s website is the best place to get timely and accurate information about rebates and incentives for financing. You can easily find the details and the disclaimers, because unlike dealers the automakers clearly publish their disclaimers, conditions and stipulations. One the things you do need to pay close attention to is the price because the automakers do not include destination in their prices which can add many hundreds of dollars. Their prices will start at base price, however you will soon discover that you cannot buy or find a car and purchase it for base price. There are always add-ons like destination charges that will raise the price of the car. Remember the auto manufacturer’s website is a great place to gather information, but we will need more to get a good deal on a new car.

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