Car Window Etching Scam or Not

One of the products that a car dealer sells or convinces car buyers they need is the car window etching scam. It is probably one of the most talked about of all the car dealer scams. Depending on the car dealer it may also be one of the most profitable scams.

What is Car Window Etching?

Basically car window etching is a process of acid etching a series of numbers or letters, usually the VIN# or Vehicle Identification# or serial number on all of the glass on your new car. These numbers are then used to identify parts of your car if your car was stolen and disassembled for parts. The idea is that a thief will not want to steal your car because the individual parts can be identified and therefore none of the automobile scrap yards will accept a car that has window etching.

There are insurance companies that write car window etching policies that are supposed to protect you if your car gets stolen when you have all of your windows etched. You pay a fee for this service, but the worst part is the range of prices that car dealers charge. There are stories of car dealers charging anywhere from $199 to $2000.

Car Window Etching Scam Details

The big push to sell car window etching when buying new cars is usually done by the Finance Manager when you are doing your paperwork. The Finance Manager will tell you that having car windows etched can give you an extra $2500 if your car gets stolen. Because of the exposure of the car window etching scams throughout the car business window etching has been downplayed somewhat and sometimes becomes one aspect of an overall security protection package. These packages often consist of other parts such as car alarms.

If you are seriously considering car window etching against the opinions of many car people be sure to carefully read the documents and understand the fine print of these documents. There are often catches such as your car insurance must pay before they will pay anything for a stolen vehicle and if they have to pay it will only be after your insurance pays and then the shortage. Think twice before you pay for window etching on your new car.

Seriously – V.I.N. Etched Car Windows!

Think about this scenario logically, a thief is going to steal your car and they are going to go around your car with a flashlight to see if you have window etching…..I think not! Car thieves can get around many of the best car security and alarm system and the manufacturers security system, but they are going to be put off by a small series of numbers scratched on your windows…..Really!!!

You Want Car Window Etching?

If you really want to get your car windows etched because for some reason you believe that this product will make your car safer, you can go to many auto parts stores and do it yourself for under $20. That is about what the car window etching scam will cost the car dealer. The companies that sell this window etching system to car dealers often boast that the car window etching scam can bring hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit to the bottom line of the car dealership. The car window etch scam can make huge potential profits for the car dealer, but offers next to nothing in the way of benefits to the new car buyer according experts.

Pitching the Car Window Etching Scam

The car dealer Finance Manager has been known to sell the car windows etching system in a variety of different ways. Read your car dealer loan paperwork closely because some car dealer Finance Managers might add window etching without ever talking about the system. Others will tell you that the lender requires window etching (dealership financing scam) to protect the car which we all know is not true. Sometime they will tell you that it only adds $3 or $4 a month to your payment in hopes of you not caring about such a small amount. Over a 60 month loan that can be $180 to $240, if you have an extra $200 bucks let me know because I will gladly take it off your hands.

The car window etching scam can make huge profits for the car dealer and many automotive experts think that it’s practically worthless to the average car buyer. Window etching for your new car has been one of the most profitable car dealer scams for years. Ultimately the decision is yours if you want your car windows etched, but I always take a pass.

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