Car Scams and Recalls

Whenever there is an unfortunate event there always seems to be a car scam to follow. Car Scams and Recalls have a way of going together in the car business. Unless you have been under a rock I am sure that you have heard about the Toyota recall for a sticking gas pedal. No question that this an important safety concern and needs to addressed, but the way that the media and the industry talked about this problem was embarrassing. I am certainly not an expert on safety recalls, but as a consumer advocate that alerts consumers to car dealer scams I felt that the media has setup many Toyota owners and competing car makers for car scams.

The Car Scams and Recalls Have Started

I have had many questions from Toyota owners that are concerned about the value of their Toyota dropping drastically. It seems that many car makers and car dealers are offering extra incentives to Toyota owners to trade in their car. In most cases the car dealers are appraising the Toyotas lower than they are worth and then offering an extra $1000 incentive. Now why would a competing car dealer or car maker be willing to trade-in a used Toyota and hand over an extra $1000 if the car was not a good investment. Simple, they are undervaluing the car to the car buyer and they know that they have a very good product that they can sell and make a nice profit after the Toyota Recall has been repair at no expense to them. What makes things worse is that the media has made this car dealer scam and recall a very believable car scam.

Toyota Recall and Car Scam

Toyota has made one of the safest cars on the market for years and rarely has recalls as compared to many of the other car makers. Maybe that is why the media has made this Toyota recall such a huge media event. The fact remains that once your Toyota Recall for a sticking gas pedal has been repaired according to the approved NHTSA fix your Toyota will be the Toyota it was before the recall. The media also failed to mention that their were Toyotas that were manufactured with a gas pedal from a different supplier that were not sticking and not recalled that could continue to be sold. This car scam and recall has been practically encouraged by the media.

Protect Yourself From the Car Scam and Recall

The best way to protect yourself from this car dealership scam is to wait and get your car fixed before trading it in or trade it in at a  reputable Toyota Dealer. There is no reason for your trade in value to plummet after it has been repaired. I must admit that I am a fan of Toyota. I think they are one of the best cars on the market today. Get your Toyota recall repaired and this car scam and recall will pass, it is still a good car for the money.

There have been numerous car recalls in the past that involved many different brands of cars like Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler and I am sure there will be more in the future. When the car maker issues a recall it means that the car will be repaired at no expense to the  owner and the repair must be approved by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) to be safe. Once your car is repaired there is no reason for your trade value to drop.

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