Car Dealer Ads and Financing Specials

Car dealers are always running some kind of newspapers or radio ads that sound too good to be true. These car dealer ads are meant to be deceiving, so make sure you read them carefully. Sometimes there will be advertised financing special low rate, but there are certain conditions that apply other than your credit rating. Read on for the details of these car dealer tricks.

Car Dealer Ads and Financing the Special Conditions:

Car Dealer Advertising and Financing

1. Does the special rate apply the car you are considering or just certain cars? Often car dealers ads show a very low financing rate that only applies to low volume cars. They might be cars with a standard transmission or a car that nobody wants. The most desirable cars don’t usually have a special finance rate. There are time when this happens, but you need to read carefully for all the details.

2. Check the car dealer ad and offer, many times the offer is an either or offer. Which means you get the special financing or you get the rebate. You don’t get both. Every once in a while the manufacturers offer a low rate and a rebate, but that is usually when a car is not selling very good.

3. Sometimes a car dealer ad will run a special for financing and the offer is only good for a day or two. The dates of the sale are very small and hard to find. When you get there to buy a car they say that the special is over.

4. What is the term of the loan? The car dealer ad may have a special rate but, it is only for 12, 24 or 36 months and does it require a large down payment. Watch for car dealer financing scams.

5.What is the down payment requirement? Sometimes there could be an unusually high down payment required, I have seen it range from 25% to 50% and still be based on your credit.

6. Make sure it is a normal auto loan and there are no surprises at the end. Make sure the vehicle is paid off in full at the end of the term. Watch out for any type of balloon payments (a large payment that is due in 36 months or something unusual).

7. Do you have to buy any additions or extras to qualify for the special low rate financing? Their may be a condition that requires to buy extended warranties, pay dealer prep fee, car dealer fees, service contracts, or rust proofing yet they do not mention those stipulations in the car dealer ad. Make sure what the conditions are and that you understand them fully. A car dealer financing agreement needs to be looked over thoroughly before you sign anything.

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Car Dealer Ads to Bring You On the Lot Low Interest Rates???

These car dealer ads and financing specials are just a partial list of all the things you need to beware of when buying a car. There are many more car dealer scams and tricks along with the car dealer financing scams.

Carefully read the Car Dealer Ads

Good Luck and check out some of the other posts and sections for more ways to save some money.

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