Buying a Car with Costco or Sams Club

Most people don’t like the idea of going to the car dealer and dealing with salesmen and sales managers so they are always looking for a way to make the car buying process easier. One of these ways is buying a car with Costco or so they think. The Costco warehouse club has a program where they work with local car dealers to provide a discount for the Costco member when they buy a new car and sometimes a used car.

The way this program works is that Costco charges each local car dealership a fee to be included in their car buying program and listed as a participating dealer. This provides another source of advertising to drive customers to their dealership. The dealership will have a standard discount for those that are interested in buying a car with Costco that is set by the dealership which is subject to change at any time. Yes, it is an easy way to get a discount when buying a new car, but the discount that the dealer gives the Costco member is lower than sticker price, but very often the car buyer can do much better.

Is Buying a Car With Costco a Good Deal?

If you are the type of car buyer that is interested in getting in and out as quickly as possible with as little negotiation as possible then buying a car with Costco might be right for you. Sam’s Club also has a similar program for car buyers and provides a discount for Sam’s Club Members, but the result is the same as the Costco car buying program. I am not discouraging anyone from using the Costco car buying program because some people are very pleased, but if you read some of my other posts on this blog you know that the price of you new car is only one way to make a nice profit.

Costco Car Buying Review

One of the first things that a new car salesman learns when they start selling cars is that when a customer asks if you participate in any kind of discount program or membership discount program they are instructed to answer “YES”. There are several car dealer tricks that are used to make more money on selling a car than the price and buying a car with Costco does not include financing, warranties, upgrades or options.

In a nutshell, you can get a discount when you are buying a car with Costco, but there are always ways for the car dealer to make their money. If you are buying a new car you should follow the car buying steps that show you step by step how to buy a new car and get a great deal.

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