Be Careful Of Flood Damaged Cars

Be careful, there are flood damaged cars that are being sold in the market. Usually, flood damaged cars, S.U.V.s and trucks are placed in salvage yards. Some though, are made like new or least look that way and put back into the car market. But the problem is, there really are no tell tale signs of flood damage that would give them away. This is because the cars will be restored so they would look almost like new. The damages caused by the flood would be erased or covered. After the changes, the cars will then be sold to unsuspecting buyers who thinks they are getting a good bargain. This a really a car dealer scam.

Flood Damaged Cars Sold By Dealers

Fact is flood damaged cars are being sold by unsavory dealers. Consumers can and should protect themselves against being taken advantage of in the auto market. Luckily, there are several things consumers can do to protect themselves from buying flood damaged cars and avoiding car dealer scams.

The best things a consumer can do to be sure if a car is flood damaged or not is to get the history of the vehicle. You can do this by submitting the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a car to a website which provides vehicle history information. What these websites do is search a nationwide database of car information then gathers research on the car’s title, maintenance record, registration, and odometer. You will instantaneously know if the vehicle has been stolen, has had a troubled past, or has had its odometer rolled back through the report that the website will return. Just a little research on a car’s history will reveal if it has been salvaged, flooded, rebuilt, or is basically a “lemon.”

Prospective car buyers should be aware of flood damaged vehicles being sold on the car market. Why shouldn’t you buy flood damaged cars? Well simply because water leaves a lasting damage. Even if the devices and machines requiring electricity will restore it, it will probably fail sooner or later because mold and mildew aren’t’ easy to remove. And when a car is flood damaged any warranty warrant is voided.

Some things you can do to check if a car is flood damaged:

Moisture Lines and Stains

Flood damaged cars usually have moisture trapped and dirt inside the lights. Dampness can also be seen inside the glove compartment, console and trunk so you better inspect these spots. Dirt can also be a sign of flood damage, can also accumulate under the hood. Moisture can also accumulate under the seat. Of course, rust is another sign of flood damage.

Flood Damaged Cars: Give It The Sniffer Test

Mildew can be easily detected by smelling. Mildew often forms on soaked fabrics so sharpen your sense of smell when you’re on the lookout for a new vehicle. Also try to detect other smells that could be caused by flood damage like spilled oil or fuel.

Check Components of Flood Damaged Cars

Mismatched component could mean that the component are changed hurriedly after the car has been salvaged from a flood. So try to see if the carpet, seats and stereo components looks too new for the car.

Also try to check if the car has been titled several times from different states, which is usually a hint that its owners are trying to erase the questionable and negative history of the car by looking for spots where disclosing defects is not required or is easily evaded. Cars that are titled several times are usually salvaged or totaled.

Test Drive a Flood Damaged Car

Of course the best way to check the performance of a car is to take it for a test drive. Check the electrical system including all the lights and the sound system.

Flood Damaged Cars: Inspect by Expert

Have an expert mechanic or technician check the car. Have a second opinion if you may. Expert mechanics and car technician can detect flood damaged cars easily than ordinary people.

Remember when buying a vehicle, never ever take a chance. Buying a flood damaged car can cost you more than your money. It could also bring serious accident even death. If you suspect that someone is selling you a car that has been flood damaged immediately say no then walk away. The money you will save in buying a flood damaged car will quickly go away by the future repairs and maintenance to come. When buy a used car be sure to use the used car checklist and inspection.

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