Avoid These Buying Car Scams and Trick

Here are some of the tricks that car dealers and car salesmen will use to manipulate you when you are in the market to buy a new or used car. When you are aware of these techniques you can improve your chances of avoiding any buying car scams.

#1. Buying Car Scam:

You email or call several dealers to get a price for a vehicle that you want to purchase. The person you talk to or the person that emails you gives you a great price and you decide to go out that dealer and purchase your car. You arrive at the car dealership only to find out that the particular auto that they quoted “just happens” to have Paint Sealant, Fabric Protection and Rust-proofing already applied. The dealer agrees to sell the car for the price quoted, but they say that you have to pay for the extras that are already applied. The dealer charges you an additional $ 950.00 or so for items you never wanted and aren’t worth more than a couple hundred dollars.

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#2. Buying Car Scam:

This car dealer trick is similar to #1, except instead of extras that are installed they charge you for the destination fee and a dealer prep fee. This amount could be anywhere from $ 500 to $1500. This a very common buying auto scam that even good dealers may try.

#3. Buying Car Scam:

You have decide on what automobile you want to purchase so you make some phone calls to several dealers to make sure they have the car in stock before you go out to buy your car. You tell the dealer what make, model, trim level and color you want and ask if they have the car in stock. They tell you yes, they do have that car and ask when you can come in to see the car. You tell them you will be there shortly and then jump in your old car go down to the car dealer. Now when you get to the dealer you are told that the car was just sold, but we have some others we would like to show you. The auto dealer knows if they tell you that they don’t have the car they will never get you to come in to their dealership. If they tell you they have it in stock you will come in and they have a fair chance to sell you a car even though it is different than the car you really wanted. This is a very common practice.

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#4. Buying Car Scam:

You went to the car dealer and selected a car to purchase. You took the car for a test drive and you have negotiated the deal, you know the payment and term, everything is set. Then your car salesman asks you if you are going to pay for the taxes, documentation fee and license by cash or check. When you say that you thought that was all included, they say that they can roll it into the payment, but it cause the payment to go up by xx number of dollars. This car dealer trick is usually used when the customer is stuck at a price that will not allow them to make any money. Get the best price on a new car.

#5. Buying Car Scam:

You have made a deal to buy and finance the new car of your choice and you go into the business office to do your paperwork. The finance manager pitches you on an extended warranty for you new car. If you say no that you do not want the warranty they tell you that the bank requires you to have the warranty to qualify for financing. This is not true and another one of their buying car scams, only your credit determines if you qualify for a loan. This is a way to sell extended warranties and it has nothing to do with your credit.

#6. Buying Car Scam:

The car dealer can make significant profit from selling extended warranties. If you don’t purchase the warranty at the time of original paperwork, it will cost you nearly twice as much. That is not true, you can purchase extended warranties at any time and price does not change if you buy a warranty with the car or later from some other source, you can get a free warranty quote here.

#7. Buying Car Scam:

The car dealer will tell you that you can only buy an extended warranty from the dealer. This is not a true statement, there are several sources where you can buy an extended warranty. Some times you can buy an extended warranty from the same place that the car dealer does at a much lower price. Like here for a free quote.

#8. Buying Car Scam:

The finance manager at the car dealer may tell you that you need to buy Credit Life Insurance as a stipulation to qualify for the loan. They say that the lender requires it in case something happens to you. This is not true, no  lenders require you to have credit life insurance. This is simply another way to make more money when they sell you a car.

#9. Buying Car Scam:

The dealer will try to add or sell you car window etching and tell you that the lender wants you to have it to protect the car from being stolen. This is not a requirement of any lender, it is a way to make more profit. Window Etching purchased from the car dealer can be anywhere from $150 up to$300. You can actually get a window etching kit and do it yourself for around $20.

#10. Buying Car Scam:

When you buy a new car you may want to get a Remote Start or a Car Alarm. These items can be purchased and installed at many places other than the car dealer.The car dealer will tell you that any of these items that are installed anywhere but the dealer will void the car’s warranty. This is not a true statement and is for the sake of getting you to buy accessories from the dealer at the time of sale.

This has been a small sample of all the buying car scams and tricks that are used to manipulate you and make more profit for the car dealer. The car salesman, Finance Manager and Sales Managers are paid commission based on the amount of profit that the car dealer makes. Their objective is to squeeze out every dime that they can from every car buyer they sell. You can avoid wasting your hard earned money when you know the tricks and techniques they use to get your money.

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