5 New Car Buying Strategies

When it comes to buying a new car practically everyone has a plan for when they get to the dealership. I will cover some of the different new car buying strategies and the merits or mistakes that people make when they purchase an automobile. They range from the novice or first time car buyer to the well prepared customer that knows how to buy a  car. Read on for the assorted car buying techniques that people use to get a deal or a not so good deal on their new ride.

The Most Common New Automobile Buying Strategies

1. Clueless Strategy: This is the favorite customer of the car salesman and the dealership because they are relying on the staff of the dealer to provide them with the information they need. This new car buying strategy is more common than you may believe, but it is true. This buyer will overpay for anything they buy and finance at the automobile dealership and add a nice commission to everyone involved from the salesman to the finance manager. This is the customer that can benefit the most from the car buying tips found on this website to avoid car dealer financing scams and car dealer tricks. Obviously this is the worst of the new car buying strategies which can cost you several thousand dollars more than it should to buy and finance a vehicle.

2. Defensive New Car Buying Strategy: This type of customer usually walks in to the automobile dealership with a chip on their shoulder and they are convinced that everyone is out to screw them. They may be right, but they should keep it to themselves. They have done little or no homework to prepare for the process of buying a car because they don’t trust anyone. This is not a preferred customer of the car salesman or dealership and their attitude alone will make things difficult for them. They will usually get what they expect because they are difficult to work with and will motivate the sales person even more to make sure they pay for their disagreeable personality. This car buying strategy will save them some money, but not what you would call getting a great deal.

3: Tough Guy Strategy for Buying Cars: This is the car buyer that talks a big story and thinks he knows all about the car business, but he doesn’t. He has been in the car business or has friends that sell cars (or so he says, but why isn’t he dealing them?). The car salesman has little respect for this customer and will deal with his big talk and oversized ego because they know they can sell him a car if they play their cards right. It won’t be an easy sale, but it will be a sale. They know the key to making money on the tough guy and his new car buying strategy is to take their time. The tough guy won’t be a quick sale because he won’t buy until he thinks he has worn down the salesman and the sales manager. The sales staff understands how the tough guy works so they will take it slow and cry that they are not making any money before the tough guy buys a new car. He will get a fair deal only because the dealership wants to sell a car and they want to move on to the next customer.

4: Business Approach to Buying an Automobile: One of the best, but not the best strategy for buying a car is the business approach. This customer is polite and somewhat educated on the steps for buying a car. They see buying an automobile as a business transaction and nothing more. They don’t let their emotions get in the way and it is all about the numbers. Their logic and experience guides them through the car buying process. They are open and honest about their intentions and they don’t play any games. They will tell the sales person what they are looking for in terms of discounts and financing and in most cases the dealership will oblige because they know that this car buyer won’t make a purchase unless their requirements are met or at least very close. This new auto buying strategy usually works pretty good although sometimes you may have to visit several dealers before you make a deal. The results are typically a good deal on a new a car and competitive dealer financing.

5: Prepared and Educated New Car Buying Strategy: This is the most efficient, smoothest and easiest way for how to buy a new car. This is not the dealerships favorite customer, but they still want their business because a new car dealer needs to turn their inventory on a regular basis. I have covered and spelled out the steps for buying a car in detail from gathering information, making a decision and taking delivery of your new car. The salesman, sales manager and finance manager know that you mean business because you have all the numbers with you and you are ready to buy a car. They know that they have little chance of pulling the wool over your eyes so they will move through the car buying process relatively quick and get you out the door. Of all the ways to buy a vehicle this is the best of the new car buying strategies. You can drive your new automobile home feeling comfortable that you made a great deal and avoided any car dealer scams and paying too much.

These are the 5 basic new car buying strategies that people use when they go to purchase a vehicle. Some people use a combination on two or more of these, but overall the dealer and their sales staff know how to deal with each and every one of these strategies. They sell cars all day every day and they have probably seen it all no matter where you go. So if you want a foolproof strategy for buying a new car, being prepared and educated before you visit the showroom is your best bet.

For the full step by step instructions click here: How to Buy a New Car and see how easy it is to purchase a new vehicle and get a great deal when you know the car buying secrets.

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