100 Best Selling Cars

We have put together a very interesting list of the 100 best selling cars from around the world. These cars were sold around the globe since the beginning of the automobile. Some of these automobiles may surprise you because some of them are from decades ago and some are still in production. There is no question about the human being having a love affair with the automobile. You will see the amount of vehicles sold and pictures of the vehicles if available of the world’s best selling cars.

As I put together this section of the 100 best selling cars I questioned some of the numbers and realized that quality or excellence had nothing to do with these numbers. Upon further research of top selling automobiles it was obvious that some of the big numbers were because the model name remained unchanged for many years. This is not a list of most popular, most fuel efficient or the best looking vehicles, it’s all about the best selling vehicles.

One of the top ten best selling vehicles was first produced in 1908 and others were introduced a few years ago. You should remember one thing as you go through this list and that is a best selling car is in no way an indicator of a good used car. It is strictly the 100 best selling cars of all time. Part 2 is linked below.

The 100 Best Selling Cars Part 1

RankMake and ModelVehicles SoldProduction DatesCar Photos
#1Toyota Corolla –
A compact car at it’s inception and then a compact car starting 1988.
Corollas were sold
all over the world
and still climbing.
1966 to Currently in Production and
a top seller
for Toyota.
#2Ford F-Series Truck One of the best selling trucks in the U.S. and said to be the most profitable division of Ford.32,000,000+They are still building and selling this Ford pickup truck and probably will be for years to come.1948 – Present
The Ford F Series full size truck is one of the most popular trucks on the road today.

So far you have been through the first half on the 100 Best Selling Cars and I am sure you have seen many surprises along with some you expected.

RankMake and ModelVehicles SoldProduction DatesCar Photos
#51Hindustan Ambassador  Made by Hindustan Motors of India 4 door sedan only model. If you from India you wouldn’t be surprised that it was one of the 100 best selling cars.4,000,000+ Vehicles  One of the most popular in India because it stands up to the harsh terrain.    Really?1958 – Present  They are still making them today even though it looks like an antique.$2

Well there you go the 100 best selling cars from the beginning. I was surprised by some the  cars I found, but some I thought should of ranked higher. It’s just my opinion, but I don’t know how some of these cars made the list. It must of had something to do with the price and the availability.

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