10 Things Your Car Dealer Loves To Hear

When you go to the car dealer there are certain things your car dealer loves to hear or things you never tell the car dealer When you are shopping for a car there are certain words, phrases and sentences that your car salesman and car dealer loves to hear from you that sound like the ringing of the cash register to them. Take a look at the ten things that your car dealer loves to hear and why you should avoid telling the car salesman them when you are shopping or buying a car. They will make for a better car dealer experience and you will avoid any car buying scams.

1. Don’t The Car Dealer “I Can Spend This Much On A Car”

The car dealer loves to hear you say that because they are going to steer you to car that they know they can make money on. They will show you a car that is worth less than your budget and add on high profit items in an effort to spend all of your money. When your share these details with your car salesman they have a way of using this information to run one of their car buying scams and steer you in the direction they want you to go. Keep it under wraps and choose the car in your price range rather sharing your budget and saying what the car dealer loves to hear (never say to the car salesman).

2. How Does That Work When I Trade In A Car On This Car?

This question gives the car salesman and dealer an indication that they are dealing with a novice and easy to use one of their car buying scams. They will try to make the trade in a integral part of your purchase before it is time. They will start planting seeds of doubt when it comes to the value of your trade in and dazzle you with their lingo. Make the two vehicles stand alone and do not negotiate price on them as one package. you can do the math. The car dealer loves to hear that you are unfamiliar with the trade in and car buying process and will use that information in every aspect of your deal (never say to the car salesman).

What Your Car Dealer Loves To Hear – Sounds Like Money! 3. I Need A Car Today!

Who wouldn’t and especially the car dealer love to hear that you need to make a purchase today. Many people that have had their car wrecked in an accident or major repairs are needed on their present car come into the car dealer and say they need a car today. It is like the ringing of the cash register. The wondering of “if” we sell them a car turns into “how much can we make on them”. The words coming out of your mouth is something every car dealer loves to hear, urgency. A good salesman will use your words to paint a picture of why you need this car NOW and use them to get you  follow the path they want you to follow. Keep your salesman on his toes regardless of when you need the car. Make them work for their commission and believe that you will leave at a moments notice if things are not going the way you feel they should (never say to the car dealer).

4. I Need To Keep My Payments Low

Well, just how low do you need to keep your payments? (did you hear the cash register?) Sounds like we have a payment buyer here. The car dealer loves to hear you tell them how much you can pay every month, it is their favorite car scam. The salesman knows that they have many variables that will make them a healthy profit by focusing on the payment. They will show you a car that costs less than you expected and tell you that by time you add in taxes and the interest rates charges it will be very close to the payment. They will keep you focused on that payment, when look at a more expensive car they will tell that the payment will go up and the ask you if you can afford that much. In your effort to have a little nicer car you bumped yourself to a higher payment. Do your homework and the math before you go car shopping and don’t tell the car dealer what they love to hear (never say to the car dealer).

5. This Car Looks Like It Is In Good Shape

The car dealer loves to hear when a potential customer is agreeable. There is an old saying in the car business “40 yeses equals a sale”. The idea of this saying is that when you are led by the car sales person with questions like “it looks nice doesn’t it”, ” it would look good in your driveway, wouldn’t it”, “runs good, doesn’t it”, “interior is in nice shape, isn’t it” and hundreds other like that you are start starting to sell yourself every time you answer yes, and telling the car dealer what they love to hear. If you are looking at a used car and it does look nice, you answer should be except for these tires, or this scratch, or this tear in the upholstery (never say to the car dealer). Even if you are a naturally optimistic person you need to put your pessimistic self on display. When it comes down to working out the details your car sales person is going to remind you that you said it looked nice and all of the others yeses that you answered. Your rebuttal needs to be all of the negatives about the car they are trying to sell. Gather all these negative points and use as a way to cancel out the yeses. Don’t buy a car based on emotion it is a car scam. A car dealer loves to hear when they have a customer that is buying based on emotion. You are spending a lot of money here, be sure you are buying based on logic not emotion.

6. What Kind Of Financing Do You Have?

The car dealer loves to hear you ask that one. That is the opportunity for the salesman to start asking questions about payment requirements and ultimately guide you to car dealer’s desired path. When a car dealer sells a car for cash they are usually only able to make a profit on the car and trade in. When financing comes into the picture there is a whole new world of potential profit to be made. Keep your financing matters separate from trade in and the car being purchased. You don’t need to worry about financing until you have selected the car you want for the price you want and received a trade in value that you are willing to accept. When you do your homework before going out to buy a car you will know what kind of interest rate and term you have from a local lender or bank. When all the pricing details are worked out, then you can bring up financing and require the car dealer to beat your rate and term that you have already secured ( never say to the car dealer).

7. My Credit Is Pretty Good

There goes that cash register again, just what the car dealer loves to hear. Your credit is pretty good, but you really don’t know that for a fact. You are assuming your credit is good. Very often in this scenario the car dealer will run your credit and find that your score is very good, but they may tell you that your credit is OK. This is the perfect time for your salesman to present you with an interest rate that is higher than the rate you actually qualify for (see Interest Rate Scam). To keep from being scammed of thousands of dollars of extra interest you need to know your credit score before you go to the car dealer. Don’t tell the car dealer what they love to hear or you might get stuck with one of the car buying scams ( never say to the car dealer).

$2Looks Pretty Good To Me – Just What The Car Dealer Loves To Hear 8. What Do You Think?

Just what the car dealer loves to hear, when you turn to the person that came with you and you say “what do you think”. You just opened up a dialogue with the person next to you, whether it is a spouse, parent or significant other. Just the nature of the question says you are on board, but you need a little nudge. The nudge can come from your partner or maybe your sales person if they play their cards right. If the person that has accompanied you voices an objection your sales person hears the objection and can overcome the objection. Do your homework before you get to the car dealer. The car dealer loves to hear that you are close to making an emotional decision when buying a car. If your priorities have changed after one of you have been influenced by the car dealer sales person, ask them to give you a minute if you need to discuss your decision. Discuss your options privately and logically before making such a large commitment (never say to the car dealer).

9. Can I Get A Longer Warranty?

Every car dealer loves to hear this question. That is a buying signal, it says that you have practically bought the car in your head. The car dealer feels that you have pictured buying the car in your head and your biggest objection at the moment is an extended warranty (one of the biggest sources for potential profit and car buying scams in the dealership).  Now you can see why the car dealer loves to hear this question. If I have not said it enough, do your homework. You can get quotes for an extended warranty for a variety of terms and assorted plans. If an extended warranty is important to you, you can be armed with a selection of quotes to use as a comparison to the dealer’s extended warranty offerings. This will protect you from spending your hard earned money wastefully ( never say to the car dealer).

10. Are These Extra Charges Normal?

The car dealer may have a habit of adding extras in to a car deal when you ask this questions that car dealers love to hear. This question will immediately tell them you have not done your homework and you are a good candidate for adding items onto the paperwork and a car scam. You may be overwhelmed by the process of buying a car, but it is your money and you need to question every dollar that you are spending. The only extra charges that should be included in your purchase are ones that you have agreed to.

Some dealers have been know to try and slip in extra charges for loan insurance, rustproofing, paint protection, dealer prep and other things as a way to increase the finance managers commission and the car dealers profit. Question everything, the only charges that should be added are sales tax, title and license. Anything else and you deserve an explanation that is acceptable to you. If it is not OK with you, tell the car dealer that you are not paying for that (never say to the car dealer).

I don’t know how many times I have said that you need to do your homework. I hope it was enough. By investing the time and energy to research all aspects of your car purchase you can potentially save thousands of dollars by avoiding car scams. I don’t know about you, but a few hours is definitely worth a few thousand dollars to me.

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