10 Quick Car Buying Tips

Been considering a new or used car? With all the news about the economy and the auto manufacturers woes you will want to make sure you are getting the most for every dollar you spend. These 10 quick car buying tips can help keep you on your toes, spend your money wisely and avoid any car dealer scams.

To some people car buying is considered a major investment. I am here to tell you that a car is not an investment. An investment increases in value, but a car does not. Any car that you buy new or used will decrease in value starting the first day you buy it and start driving.

I have put together 10 Quick Car Buying Tips to help you avoid any car dealer scams, schemes, rip-offs and high pressure sales people. When you are buying a new or used car you want to make sure you are getting what you want, you are spending a lot of money and you will be driving it for a while to come.

10 Quick Car Buying Tips

Car Buying Tips #1

There are better times than others to buy a car. The end of a model year is a good time to buy a car, like when the new model year comes out and the car dealer has some of last years models left. When a car dealer has last years models left to sell they are often more willing to discount and negotiate. Another great time to for car buying is the end of the month, even the last day. Very often the sales managers and salesman need to sell extra cars to reach their bonus levels, quotas and boost their commission, so they are more willing to negotiate.

Car Buying Tips #2

The Internet is a good place to do some research and homework before heading to the dealer. You can find out manufacturer’s rebates, financing and specials sales. A little homework can save you thousands when car buying.

Car Buying Tips #3

The prices are on most cars (unless there is a waiting list) are negotiable, that homework you do in tip #2 will come in handy at the car dealer.

Car Buying Tips #4

Bring a friend that will keep you from being swayed by sales people and their lingo, someone that can be objective and look out for your interests.

Car Buying Tips #5

Car sales people are trained to build rapport with you and influence your decisions. Keep your wits about you and stand your ground. Good sales people have a way of making you think it was your idea.

Car Buying Tips #6

Ask your car sales person about any dealer specials, like any car they really want to move and are willing to discount heavily.

Car Buying Tips #7

Don’t make any car buying decisions based on emotion. You will overpay every time!

Car Buying Tips #8

Do not buy a car based on the payment. Car dealers and salesman often make their biggest commission on a car buyer that makes a buying decision based on the payment. When you plan to use dealership financing you can and should do the math before you go to the car dealer and choose a car according to your terms, not the car dealers car scam terms.

Car Buying Tips #9

You can leave the dealer anytime you want. If there is any reason whatsoever that you feel uncomfortable you can leave and comeback another time or go to a different car dealer.

Car Buying Tips #10

Go to the car dealer with a good attitude. If you expect a bad car dealer experience you will probably get one. Expect to be there for a couple hours and remember you are in control.

I hope these 10 Quick Tips for Car Buying can help make your car buying experience a little easier. Just remember through every step of the Car Buying experience that, your are the customer, it is your money and you are in control.

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