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Top Selling Vehicles for July 2013

The numbers are out and the top selling vehicles during the month on July are not surprising. The auto industry had another good month and as you can see below the increases over last July 2012 are substantial. A sure sign that the economy is improving which is bringing more car buyers into the showroom. Looking over the sales the numbers and keeping track over the sales incentives tells that factory incentives are helping car sales.

Top selling vehicles July 2013

Top 10 Selling Vehicles in July

Do some homework and you will find that all the top ten selling vehicles in July have one or more of manufacturer incentives including rebates, low rate dealership financing and dealer cash. If you have had you eye on one of these vehicle August will probably a great month to make a deal since the automakers will be getting ready to introduce their 2014 models line-ups.

Rank Model July Sales Increase VS 2012 YTD 2013 YTD VS 2012
1 Ford F series 60,449 22.6% 427,935  21.1%
2 Chevrolet Silverado 42,080 45.2% 284,666 27.4%
3 Toyota Camry 34,780 16.3% 242,406 -0.6%
4 Honda Civic 32,416 29.6% 191,120 1.9%
5 Honda Accord 31,507 10.0% 218,367 18.8%
6 Ram Pickup 31,314 31.4% 201,633 24.2%
7 Nissan Altima 29,534 11.0% 197,321 7.4%
8 Honda CR-V 27,226 32.5% 172,989 3.4%
9 Chevrolet Cruze 25,447 70.2% 159,136 23.5%
10 Toyota Corola 24,463 3.5% 183,435 4.6%










Car Buying Time

If you watch the industry and the top sellers list on a regular basis you will notice some changes the ranking. Especially if you look at the same time last year. I know that several of these models have some very big incentives that include everything possible and more than I have even since 2008 and 2009 when all the the auto makers were struggling. Like I said earlier if you are looking to make a move one of these cars now will be the time because those incentives will start slipping away in a couple of months.

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