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The New Car Spot Delivery Scam

Have you ever been to the new car dealership and heard someone or even your salesman call out over the P.A. system “New Car Spot Delivery” ? Many car dealers announce a new car sales in just that manner. It is called the new car spot delivery scam. This means that they just closed a new car deal and the car needs to be prepared to be delivered on the spot (now or A.S.A.P the car scam).

The New Car Spot Delivery – Convenience or Car Scam

The Last Step In The New Car Spot Delivery

The Last Step In The New Car Spot Delivery

At many dealerships after someone calls for a spot delivery, a new car porter will come and get the keys of the new car and fill it with gasoline and then do a final clean-up and remove all window stickers and any protective materials from seats and floor. The plan is to have the car in take home condition for the customer when they are finished in the finance office. Then when they are done signing all their paperwork the new car salesman will escort the car buyer to a delivery area where the spot delivery (car lingo) will be ready for the customer to drive home their newly purchased car.

Sounds pretty good, right. Ideally, the new car buyer is impressed by the efficiency and ease of buying a new car at the local new car dealership. That is exactly how the spot delivery process and dealership wants the customer to feel. They want you, the new car buyer to feel that the entire dealership has worked together to get your new car ready so you can drive it home as soon as possible (new car spot delivery or car scam). Then give you a quick orientation on your new car, thank you for your business and watch you drive away.

New Car Spot Delivery Ulterior Motives

The new car dealer, just like any good business wants you to be happy and impressed with your purchase and your car buying experience. However there are some undisclosed reasons or car buying scams for the new car spot delivery other than making the car buying process and experience as smooth and fast as possible.

They want you to stay busy and overwhelmed with the whole process so you do not have time to think clearly. In the car business they call it “being in the ether” (car scam). Your new car salesman, finance manager, sales manger and new car dealership does not want you to come out of the ether until after you have taken delivery and get home.

Think Twice about the New Car Spot Delivery

There is no cooling off period or fixed amount of time that allows to to return a car in most states. Once you drive your new car off the dealerships lot as part of the new car spot delivery process, you own the car. Period. If you get home and find a problem with the car, it will be taken care of under warranty, If you get home and have an issue with the numbers on your paperwork… bad…You signed it…..YOU OWN IT. There are NO returns. This is a very common of the car buying scams.

The moral of the story, be careful. Read everything and check the numbers thoroughly before signing. Inspect your new car in the new car spot delivery area to make sure there are no problems or issues. One you drive it away……IT IS YOUR CAR.

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4 Responses to The New Car Spot Delivery Scam

  1. Tex February 2 at 10:23 pm #

    Yes, you really know what you are talking about. The “Spot Delivery Scam”. I have been selling cars for almost 20 years, and the only “scam” is that people read, and believe this kind of junk. If you think that we have nothing better to do in our day than this, then you are sadly mistaken. Keep in mind, most auto sales people make an average of $35- to $45000 @ year. Most Automotive sales people work on 100% commision, if you do not produce, you do not eat! What do you think that most salespeople make on a New vehicle as a commision? The average flat pay on a new car is anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00. The average car sales person does about 10 vehicles a month. So keep slamming car slaespeople, because we are such an easy target, but get your facts straight before you tell bedtime stories.

  2. David December 3 at 4:52 pm #

    I agree with everything that Tex said AND the “spot delivery” is NOT a scam. Here is my perspective on the spot delivery: It serves 2 purposes 1. People have no time anymore so hurrying to get their vehicle cleaned and gassed is a scam how? 2. We want to get them financed and on their way before they change their mind, not because we ripped them off but they might think they have spent too much of THEIR MONEY, not that we CHARGED them too much!

    People tell us how, who and what the vehicle is for, then we find that vehicle and work against our bosses to fit it into their budget. They tell us what they will pay for it and if we can do that, then we ask for the business. I work my butt off 60-75hrs a week to make $35-55K a year. From my 10yrs in this business (short time by most salespersons career) I believe that there are only about 10-15% of the dealers that might or are unscrupulous and take advantage of their customers. Finally I know my spelling and punctuation are horrible but, writing is not my profession! The author of this article is so uninformed on many levels!!!

  3. Jim April 15 at 7:30 pm #

    What about getting them out the door before they come out of the ether?

  4. Michael May 28 at 7:29 am #

    I agree with the article, because of some of unscrupulous dealerships and corrupt sales reps most of them have to pay the price. I don’t know how many dealers do this but it happened to me and it can happen to anyone. For you guys who sell for a living, if you are not like that don’t take personally. Unfortunately the law doesn’t protect the consumer yet! I am sure that no one would disagree that it is a big hassle to shop for a car just because of the dealership practices!

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