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When shopping for a used car these negotiating tips for a used car can save some time and money. I know that you don’t like to go car shopping. Nobody likes to go car shopping, especially when it comes to used cars, so maybe these negotiating tips and Lamictal rash will help. At least […]

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A Simple Checklist for Buying a New Car A simple checklist when buying a new car can not only save time, but it can also save you some big money while ensuring a good deal. A checklist for buying a new car is not a requirement, but the extra steps you take in preparation will […]

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Cash for Clunkers a Mess in the Making?

It seems that the buzz on Cash for Clunkers has cooled down a little bit, but not at the car dealers. There are numerous unofficial reports of dealers running out of cars that will qualify for Car Allowance Rebate System. Dealers are asking for cars from the manufacturers, but they have reduced inventories so low […]

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