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Make a Sweet Deal on These 2013 Cars

Everybody wants a deal when they buy a new car no matter who you are, but not everyone wants to go through the entire car buying process of doing research and negotiating. Based on sales numbers and recorded discounts here is a list of 14 vehicles that are easier than others to make a sweet deal on these 2013 cars. These are not necessarily bad cars or poorly rated vehicles. Some of these already have the 2014 models hitting the lot and some are making making changes in 2014. However these are still good reliable vehicles that will allow you to make a sweet deal on your new ride.

2013 Sweet Car Deals

2013 Cars and Discounts for a Deal

Make and Model Discount %
Chevrolet Impala 14.9
GMC Sierra 14.6
Jaguar XJ 13.2
Infiniti G37 12.5
Nissan Maxima 11.6
Mitsubishi Outlander 11.6
Ford Expedition 11.6
Honda Odyssey 11.4
Nissan Murano 10.8
Ford Focus 10.4
Acura MDX 10.3
Ford Mustang 10.1
Smart ForTwo 9.9
Nissan Frontier 4.4


Now keep in mind that these are 2013 models and quantities are limited. All these automakers have incentives and or low rate financing available, not to mention the fact that these dealers want to sell cars. Your discount may vary based on location and supply, but overall these are the cars that you should be able to make a sweet deal on before they are gone.

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