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Steps to Buying a Car-New

Steps to Buying a Car in an easy to follow step by step car buying process. These car buying steps have been arranged in the order in which they should be done. These techniques on getting the best deal buying a new car will save you money. They start with doing your research before you head out to the dealer and through the process that you will likely go through at the car dealer.

Techniques on Getting the Best Deal Buying a New Car

Follow these techniques on getting the best deal buying a new and the car steps to prudent car buying for How To Buy a New Car in order and to the letter and you will have a smooth car buying experience. They steps will not only ensure that you do not become the victim of car dealer scams, but show you that the car buying process experience can actually be a smooth and exciting experience.

When you control the steps to prudent car buying than the car dealer or the salesman, the process of buying a car will be something you fondly remember rather than dread like most car buyers.

#1. Steps to Buying a Car: Selection and Research

When it comes to the steps to prudent car buying there are a few items you need to take into consideration. Like are you paying cash or are you financing? What brand and what type of car such as sedan, SUV or coupe? These questions are usually answered by your budget. You can buy a brand new car starting at $10,000.00. You probably have an idea of what type of new car and what fits your budget by now.

First Steps to Buying a Car - Quotes

First Steps to Buying a Car – Quotes

Lets get started with the first of the steps to prudently buying a car. The first step I recommend is that you get 4 quotes from different local new car dealers that want to compete for your business. The easiest way to do this is to Click for Edmunds  or Click Yahoo Autos to receive quotes in your email. You can talk to these dealers on the phone, but if you would rather not just select that you want to be contacted by email.  So click here  (it will open in a new window so you won’t leave this page) do it now and get your FREE, No Obligation Quotes Right Here for Edmunds or Here for Yahoo Autos.

You should be receiving your new car quotes in your email shortly. These quotes are prepared and emailed by the  local dealers that you selected from Yahoo Autos or at Edmunds based on your zip code. I prefer this method of getting quotes because they actually come from the dealers which means that they have committed to selling the car at that price and I don’t have to worry about negotiating with a salesman over price when I get there, it’s a no-brainer. (I love Internet car shopping)

Get Quotes for Free from Yahoo Autos


Get Quotes for Free from Edmunds

Now that you have your new car quotes, look them over and make sure they are for the car you want and that they are in the budget figure that you decided on spending. If everything looks right, great we will move on to the next of the steps to buying a car. If your quotes are not the car you wanted or the price is higher than you can spend just go back to Edmunds (new window link) and change your selection and get 4 new quotes. It’s FREE and there is NO OBLIGATION, so get the quotes for the car you plan on buying.

I recommend Edmunds because I always get prompt and VERY competitive quotes and then when you get to the dealer it makes it very easy because you already have the price worked out. Of all the steps to buying a car this one saves you the most time and aggravation. It is very rare that I don’t get at least one quote out of the 4 that is below invoice. It could take hours or maybe not at all to negotiate a price that low if you walk into the dealer without the quote.

#2. Steps to Prudent Car Buying: Cash or Financing

If you are paying cash for your new car the this of the steps to prudent car buying is easy. You are done here. So if you are going to write a check to buy the new car of your choice you can skip this step and move on to the next car buying step.

Credit Report for the Steps to Buying a Car

Credit Report for the Steps to Buying a Car

If you are going to finance all or part of your new car you have some more research to do to keep you from getting stuck by a car dealer financing scam. The first order of business to this second of the steps to buying a car is to determine your credit score. This will determine your interest rate, term and the amount of money you will need as a down payment.

You need to be certain of your credit score or you need to Get an Trans Union Free Credit Report Now! (opens in new window) Everyone has a credit score with each of the 3 Credit Bureaus. They are Equifax, Trans Union and Experian. Each one of these have a file on you that contains your credit report and score. Banks, credit unions and car dealer financing sources use your credit score to determine if you qualify for financing and what interest rate to charge you on your auto loan. This part of the steps to buy a car can have a HUGE impact on your payment and how much you will pay for your car over the term of the loan.

This financing part of the steps to prudent car buying is where many uneducated car buyers can get stung with a car dealership financing scam. I can’t be more clear that the time it takes to get your credit report and score can save you thousands of dollars in interest on your new car. I have an account for the Trans Union Credit watch and so happy that I do. My identity was stolen a couple years ago and I was notified when someone got a cell phone with my social security number. I had all the bureaus freeze my credit and no more accounts were able to be opened. Several attempts were made, but none were opened thanks to the service. I only had to file one piece of paper to take care of my stolen identity problem unlike all the problems and work that most people have when their identity is stolen. So Get a Free Trans Union Credit Report Now, so we can move forward (it will open in a new window).

OK, by know you should know what your three credit scores are so we can dig into this financing, rate and term part of the steps to buying a car. When you finance a car the financial agency that gives you the car loan will determine your eligibility and interest rate based on your credit report and credit score.

Use there proven techniques on getting the best deal buying a new car and you will avoid any car scams.

Steps to Buying a Car  #2

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