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Get the Best Price on a 2014 Honda Accord

Best Price 2014 Honda Accord

It goes without saying that everyone wants the best price on goods they purchase, but that’s especially true when it comes to buying cars. One of the highest rated sedans year after is the Honda Accord so I am going to share with you how to get the best price on a 2014 Honda Accord. You might think that getting a great deal on such a popular and highly rated vehicle would be difficult, but that is not the case, as you will soon see.

One of the most well known and most aggressive environments in the auto industry is the competition between new Honda car dealerships. New Honda dealers are fiercely competitive when it comes to earning the business of a prospective new car buyer. It’s as if there is no bottom to the price they will give to a new 2014 Honda Accord shopper. However it takes a little more than visiting the dealership and asking for their best price.

For several months now Honda has been aggressively pursuing market share on the Honda Accord and they have been nipping at the heals of the Toyota Camry, its major direct competitor among several others. Honda has been providing their dealers extra dealer incentives to sell more cars and they have a program called Flex Cash. This program gives extra incentives to the dealer for vehicles that are financed through American Honda Financing. This program can seriously help you get the best price on a 2014 Honda Accord and especially if you finance.

Competition for Best Price on Accord

Competition is your key to getting the best price on a 2014 Honda Accord, which is best done by pitting several dealers against each other. The first things you will want to do is click on the two links below and submit a price quote request. By using both sources you should end up with 5 or 6 price quotes for your new 2014 Honda Accord. That number of new car price quotes should be sufficient plus it will keep you from having to shop too far from home for your new Accord.

Honda Accord PriceGet a Quote Via Yahoo Autos

Get a Quote Via Edmunds

You should now have 4 to 6 price quotes in your email, but those quotes may be automated quotes so you will need to email each dealership telling them you got the quote and that you want to confirm their price and availability of the 2014 Honda Accord trim level than you want. You should also let them know when you are going to purchase, that you will be financing through Honda and that you have been talking to several other dealers.

This should be enough contact with dealers to get the best price on a 2014 Honda Accord. You might have to exchange several emails in order to all the details nailed down, but sending a few emails can save you several hundreds or even an extra thousand dollars. Make sure the dealers quote has the destination price included and that the vehicle in question does not have accessories installed that you will be required to purchase (a common car dealer scam). Then head down to the dealership with the best price and pick up you new Honda Accord.

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