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New Vehicle Fuel Economy Labels Proposed

Propsed fuel economy label #1

New Label Option #1

In light of all the new vehicles being produced today and in the near future the EPA has been working on a new Fuel Economy Comparison Label to help the consumer understand where the new vehicle stands as far as fuel economy and environmental impact.

Fuel Labels for Consumer Protection and Information

The two options shown here are strictly for demonstration purposes and they do not reflect a specific vehicle. These two labels would be the choices for gasoline and diesel vehicles, which also includes hybrids because they also use fuel at the same time.

There a whole set of different labels being proposed that cover Electric Vehicles, Plug In Vehicles, Flex Fuel Vehicles and those that operate on Natural Gas. I am sure at some point we will see labels for Nitrogen at some point in the future as they become mainstream.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are looking for public feedback on which label they feel is the easiest to understand most informative to them when they make a vehicle purchase decision. Regardless of whether EPA and DOT select one of the two labels proposed today or adopt a modified version you will see a new label in the car dealers showrooms very soon.

New Fuel Economy Label Information

When you look at the stickers the letter grade “B” is an example only, and would not be reserved for gas or diesel cars SUVs and trucks. Every vehicle, regardless of fuel type or energy source, would be eligible for any letter grade, as long as it met the specified greenhouse gas or fuel economy levels for that grade.

I don’t know about you, but I like the one with the big letter that you could see from across the car dealership. Just like the required Monroney Label the new fuel label will provide quite a lot of information in a small area. You not only get to see the fuel economy of the vehicle you are considering for purchase, but you can also the grams of CO2, pollutants and annual fuel costs. No room for car dealer scams when everythingis on the window.

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You learn more and prove your input at Fuel

Fuel and Environmental Impact Label #2

Label Option #2 for Fuel Economy

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